The Garden City Community College Department of Public Safety will hold a Concealed Carry Handgun License (CCHL) Class from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Dec. 16.

The class will start in the John Collins Vocational Tech Building on GCCC’s campus in room 1206. The class will move to the shooting range in the afternoon. Depending on the weather, the class will move to either the indoor range or the outdoor range. Participants will need to provide their own transportation to get to the chosen shooting range.

To secure your place in the class you will need to complete a pre-application form and enclose a check or money order for $100, made payable to “Team-T/Dept. of Public Safety”.

Lunch is included in the registration fee.  You can mail the application to GCCC Department of Public Safety at 801 Campus Drive, Garden City, KS, 67846, or deliver the pre-application and course fee to Brandy Unruh or Melody Brooks in the John Collins Vocational Technical Building at GCCC.

The pre-course application form is a preliminary check for the GCCC instructor to determine eligibility for the CCHL class.

Participants will need to provide a handgun capable of firing accurately up to 10 yards. The caliber is not restricted by statute, however, it is recommend that participants bring the largest caliber handgun that they intend to carry concealed. Participants will also need 60 rounds of factory ammunition for the handgun, ear protection, eye protection and a ball cap.

A valid Kansas Driver’s License or Kansas Identification Card is also required for the CCHL class.

For information on the class, or to request an application form, please call Brandy Unruh at (620) 276-9503 or email, or you can contact Melody Brooks at (620) 276-9684 or email