Western Kansas enthusiasts have an opportunity to make local communities even greater on Match Day, Nov. 28.

On that day, qualifying donations to participating organizations could double, thanks to a $50,000 match pool provided by the Western Kansas Community Foundation (WKCF) and local patrons.

“One of Western Kansas Community Foundation’s goals is to help local nonprofits thrive,” Conny Bogaard, Executive Director at WKCF, said in a press release. “Nonprofits are more sustainable when they have endowments — or ‘savings accounts’ — that support their efforts forever.”

WKCF’s Match Day goal is two-fold, according to Bogaard. First, it will help local agencies raise money for immediate needs where they’re needed most. Additionally, it will help nonprofits grow their endowed funds held at WKCF, so they can enrich programs for even greater impact over time, she said.

Thirteen "endowed" nonprofits are eligible for matching funds, and donors can participate by dropping a check by the WKCF, 402 N. Main St., between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The funds will be divided among the participating organizations in proportion to the total amount raised.

The following nonprofits are participating: Emmaus House, Finney County Community Health Coalition, Finney County Historical Society, Finney County Humane Society, Finney County Public Library, Finney County United Way, Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo, Garden City Arts, Garden City Family YMCA, High Plains Public Radio, Miles of Smiles, Russell Child Development Center, and St. Catherine Hospital’s Benincasa Hospitality House.

Though donations also will be accepted online that day at wkcf.org from midnight to midnight, WKCF board chair Kathy Diehl advocates dropping by the event to connect in person.

“As extra incentive to come to the event, we’re offering hourly prize grants, drawn from the previous hour’s donors contributing in person,” she said. “Organizations can also earn prize grants by raising the most money or having the most individual donors.”

Donations of $20 to $2,000 per person per organization are eligible for a match. Cash, checks and credit cards will be accepted, and donations are tax-deductible.

“Nonprofits still face monthly expenses, so they continue to need your annual contributions.” Bogaard said. “Match Day is an opportunity to go beyond what you give annually, to grow our local nonprofit endowments exponentially.”

For more information, visit www.wkcf.org or contact Bogaard at (620) 271-9484.