A new documentary on the 1959 Clutter murders, produced by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, will air Saturday on Sundance TV.

The film, "Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders," will focus on the first-hand accounts of family members and friends of the Clutters, as well as townspeople and members of law enforcement who producers say have never spoken publicly before about the murders committed by Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Smith that resulted in the deaths of Herb, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter of Holcomb.

“I have long been obsessed with Truman Capote’s genre-busting masterwork and Richard Brooks’ equally groundbreaking film, but even more fascinated by the underlying crime and its impact on the American psyche,” Berlinger said in a statement. “The opportunity to explore my obsession, in light of new information we have uncovered, with a network and brand that I have long been associated with and which represents cinematic quality at its most intelligent, is a dream situation for a nonfiction filmmaker like me.”

The documentary, which will air at 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday on SundanceTV, will feature commentary from Paul Dewey, son of Alvin Dewey, who was the lead detective on the case for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation; Gerald Clarke, Truman Capote biographer and friend; and actor Scott Wilson, who played Hickock in the Academy Award-nominated motion picture.

With never-before-seen details including original photographs, audio recordings, documents from the case, and memoirs and letters from the murderers and their families, the immersive investigation captured through the lens of a true crime docuseries is billed as one that will deepen viewers’ understanding of the notorious crime and explore its role in the American psyche.

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