Monday’s canvass of the Nov. 7 Finney Count yelection resulted in some changes to the number of votes each candidate received, but made no difference in the outcomes of the races.

During Monday’s Finney County Commission meeting, commissioners canvassed the local election results, which included taking into account 53 provisional ballots. Voters are allowed to fill out a provisional ballot when there is some question about a voter’s eligibility on Election Day, which is resolved after the election.

Of the provisional ballots, 53 were counted and 14 were not allowed. Of the 14 that will not be allowed, one was for no proof of citizenship, one was the voter moving out of the county, one was for no photo ID being presented — and the voter had until Monday to present one —and 11 were not registered, according to Finney County Clerk Anita Garcia.

“So those 14 will not count,” Garcia said Monday.

But 36 provisional votes will count, Garcia said, noting that one of the provisionals was just a poll worker error, and seven were name changes or address changes, along with three that will just be partial counts because the voters went to the wrong precinct at the time of voting.

The outcomes of the Garden City Commission races, which had three seats available, remained the same, though each of the top three vote-getters — Troy Unruh, Melvin Dale and Linday Byrnes — received more votes. Unruh picked up an additional 13 votes for a total of 1,211. Dale picked up 11 more votes and Byrnes picked up 12 more for a total of 1,122 and 979 votes, respectively.

In the USD 457 Board of Education race, Jean Clifford, Tim Hanigan, and Lara Bors were the top vote-getters. Clifford, an incumbent and the top vote-getter in the race, had 25 additional votes for a 1,996 total. Hanigan had 22 additional votes for a total of 1,673, while incumbent Bors had a total of 1,256 votes, or 18 more than the unofficial count.

Incumbents Merilyn Douglass and Blake Wasinger, as well as newcomer Leonard Hitz, remained the top vote-getters for the three available seats on the Garden City Community College Board of Trustees. Douglass had an additional 31 votes on top of her unofficial 1,983, for a total of 2,014 votes. Hitz had an additional 21 votes, and Wasinger an additional 25 for totals of 1,837 and 1,427, respectively.

The county-wide sales tax agreement, which initially passed by an unofficial 2,020-1,535 vote, officially passed with a 2,048-1,555 vote.

In the USD 363 Board of Education races, incumbents Jill George and Kasey Robinson each picked up four additional votes for a total of 406 and 400, respectively. The two ran unopposed. USD 363 board president Matt Jones had an additional two votes, totaling 258.

For the Holcomb City Council race, newcomer Sam Mesa had two more votes for a total of 193 while incumbent Ron Schreibvogel had one more for a total of 188.

Holcomb USD 363’s bond issue question No. 1, which includes safety/security, storm shelter, HVAC and plumbing updates, had six additional votes and passed by a final tally of 289-175.

USD 363’s bond issue question No. 2 also picked up six additional votes but  was still rejected by a 252-210 vote.

Also during Monday’s meeting, commissioners voted to move forward with its HVAC project. The agreement includes work to be completed at the Finney County Public Library, the courthouse, county administrative center and the addition of the county attorney's office.

Finney County has been working on the project for the last few months, and on Monday commissioners approved the project to be done by 360 Energy Engineers at a price of $6,251,679. Commissioners also approved a contract for the work, as well as a Design Services Agreement for the county attorney’s office building.

The financing documents will be provided to the commission at its Dec. 4 meeting.

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