McPherson County road crews will complete the process of restriping McPherson city streets Nov. 13-17.

The city uses common standards for painting and repainting traffic stripes including “follow behind warning vehicles” to slow or block vehicles from accessing roadways with recently painted stripes.

While the paint is applied in a manner intended to dry quickly, drying time can be affected by air temperature, humidity and paint thickness. Thus, the city cannot and will not guarantee the amount of time it will take the paint to dry.

Drivers should avoid driving over any and all lines that appear wet.

The city does not accept financial liability associated with alleged damages from driving through wet paint on a city street or at any other location. Though the city does not warranty the process for removing any paint from vehicles, it recommends the following manufacturing instructions:

As soon as possible after getting paint from road stripes, owners are encouraged to wash their vehicle immediately at a pressure car wash in an attempt to remove this fast drying paint.

Step two: If the car wash does not remove the paint, allow the water to dry off the vehicle. Spray the paint residue with WD-40 and allow the WD-40 to stay on the area for 1 to 2 hours then rewash the vehicle.

For heavy accumulations or paint that has dried for several days, apply a liberal coating of Vaseline to the dried traffic paint and allow to the Vaseline to stay on overnight. Take vehicle to a pressure car wash and wash.

After cleaning the paint away, apply a good wax to the vehicle’s finish. Wax should remove any lasting signs of the traffic paint.