With only two candidates filing to run for three Holcomb City Council seats in Tuesday's election, it was known in advance that a write-in candidate was going to win the third open seat.

Now that the votes have unofficially been tallied, Holcomb residents now know the winning write-in candidate will be Curt Nemecheck.

Finney County Clerk Anita Garcia reported that Nemechek received the most write-in votes out of seven other write-ins. Nemechek received 31 votes, followed by Nicole Faulconer with 21. Incumbent candidates Mark Richmeier and Scott Homer, who each chose not to file for reelection, received seven and one write-in votes respectively. Lisa Knoll received 2 write-in votes and William Witke and Ron Leonard each received one.

Nemechek, owner of Nemechek Construction and a former Kearny County building inspector involved in zoning and planning commissions, said he didn’t make his bid for the seat known until the day before the Election.

“It wasn’t much of a campaign… I had a couple individuals ask me about it because there was a vacancy in the election, so (they) wanted to know if I wanted to do it. They kind of pushed it a little bit,” he said.

Noting that his campaign style was “kind of unorthodox,” he said he was “surprised” that he was elected. Still, Nemechek said he plans to accept the position.

Incumbent Ronald Schreibvogel and newcomer Sam Mesa were the two candidates on the ballot, and they received 187 and 191 votes, respectively, to win the other two seats on the council.

The election results aren't official until the Finney County Commission canvasses the votes on Monday.