To say that things have changed since Servi-Tech was founded in 1975 is a massive understatement.

Earlier in September, the community was invited to the 40th anniversary of the Servi-Tech laboratory where more than 500,000 soil samples are tested every year.

 "We are a cooperative that is federated which means we are owned by many other cooperatives," said Servi-Tech president and CEO Greg Ruehle. "There are 60 farmer-owned cooperatives throughout the midwest from Kansas to Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa which makes us a unique brand in and of itself.

"Our footprint covers that broad breadbasket of the United States. And to us it's really the core that helps us enjoy the success that we have.

"As a lab we are able to test half a million soil samples across the country and internationally as well."

Three farmer-owned cooperatives formed Servi-Tech in Dodge City 42 years ago and it was created to provide technical services for agricultural producers in southwest Kansas.

Servi-Tech’s crop consultants provide independent analysis of crops and put their focus and dedication on the producer.

According to Servi-Tech, corn, soybean and milo yields have improved 20 to 40 percent compared to the yields in the 1970s.

"We offer our sincere thanks to everyone on behalf of Servi-Tech and Servi-Tech laboratories," Ruehle said to the crowd. "On behalf of the leadership and staff we thank you for taking your time with us."

Utilizing technology such as precision farming and data management Servi-Tech continually invests for the future.

According to Ruehle, Servi-Tech continues to be on the leading edge of technology, science, and agriculture.

Servi-Tech has set the mark for offering independent agronomic and laboratory services to its customers for the past 40 years.