Topeka native Brad Parscale, President Donald Trump’s campaign data and digital director, said Friday morning on Twitter he will speak with the House intelligence committee investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Parscale tweeted at statement just before 8 a.m. contending he is “unaware of any Russian involvement” in the data and digital operations of Trump’s campaign.

“The Trump digital campaign used the exact same digital marketing strategies that are used ever day by corporate America,” he said. “I have accepted a request from the House Intelligence Committee to meet with them for a voluntary interview, and I look forward to sharing with the everything I know.”

Unnamed sources told CNN in June that Parscale would likely be invited to testify before the House investigation sometime this summer. The Senate intelligence committee is also interested in how Russian bots targeted political messages in critical swing states, CNN reported.

At the time Parscale told CNN he hadn’t been contacted by House investigators.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a top Democrat House intelligence committee, told the Associated Press lawmakers are reviewing whether the campaign worked with Russians in any way, including distributing “fake news.”

Trump’s campaign paid Parscale’s firm more than $90 million to advertise on social media, analyze data and perform other functions.

The former Shawnee Heights High School basketball player played a key role in Trump’s campaign, directing online marketing. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported last year that Parscale was one of a few mainstays in a campaign that saw nearly constant staff turnover.

Parscale told The Capital-Journal he is a lifelong Republican who had little experience in politics before joining the Trump campaign. He proudly discussed his vote in 1996 for Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole and, during the Republican National Convention last July, Parscale snapped a photo with the former U.S. senator. Parscale’s grandmother is from Dole’s hometown of Russell and, according to family legend, once attended high-school prom with Dole.

His father, Dwight Parscale, owned a restaurant, the Kozy Kitchen, in southeast Topeka. He was CEO of NewTek, a computer products company, when the company moved to San Antonio in the later 1990s.

Parscale has worked for Trump and his children since 2011, using his digital acumen to build websites that improve the family’s holdings, such as Trump Winery and the Eric Trump Foundation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.