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Your Views: Great event for Windsor

Once upon a time back in the year 2002 or so, I had the privilege of being with a group of some of my very close friends from Garden City, Sublette, Wichita, Simpson, Topeka and Lawrence. There were 24 of us as best I recall. We had all gathered in Salina in the parking lot at the Bicentennial to tailgate a little bit before taking in a major performance that evening. It was none other than the legendary living icon Bob Dylan. Also on the billing was the also legendary band called "Asleep at the Wheel." I'm embarrassed to admit it, but at that time I

was vaguely aware of this group. As "Asleep at the Wheel" was performing and maybe into their second or third song, I found myself amazed and into it. I also caught myself saying to several in our group "Where have I been?" They were world class musicians and truly entertaining. Bob Dylan did not disappoint either.

Fast forward in time to April of this year and I find myself sitting down one evening with a small group of people to discuss the idea of a future fundraiser for the Windsor Hotel with the title "Raise the Roof." It had been a busy day for me so my attitude was a little lackluster. At the very beginning of this talk with the group, the idea was to have a musical group perform at the bandshell across the street from the Windsor. My interest perked and the group name "Asleep at the Wheel" popped out for consideration. I immediately sat up to full attention and said "Asleep at the Wheel, in Garden City, at the bandshell in Stevens Park, that will work, I'm on board."

Fast forward in time to now, the present, you're invited to join us Saturday night in the bandshell at Stevens Park, in downtown Garden City, starting at 7 p.m. The fun begins with a group of seasoned musical entertainers that know how to entertain, Garden City's own "Million Dollar Band," followed by the world famous post-modern kings (and a queen) of western swing from Austin, Texas, eight-time Grammy winners "Asleep at the Wheel."

It's time for live music, it's time for fun, the Windsor live, let's "Raise the Roof." See you there.


Garden City