The Garden City Telegram

Questionable music choice

I pray for all Americans to realize where we are headed. The Saturday before Father's Day I was shopping on Main Street in Garden City. Over the loud speakers was coming the most repulsive, vulgar lyrics I have ever heard in all my 73 years of life. Yes, I'm older, but I do have standards of decency, as I'm sure many others do also. If your leaders, city council or whoever is in charge of this disgusting attempt to make your city attractive, please be aware, this is horrible. I would not waste ink on repeating the words to the song that was playing. As I was

forced to listen to the music, so was a father and his teenage son, another lady from Ulysses ... and who knows others that heard it. Music can and should be uplifting ... the right kind. In the name of God, I pray for our society, our children and our country. I believe God is merciful, and loving, but how much longer? Lack of knowledge? Here is the truth!

II Corinthians 5:14 ... For the love of Christ controls and impels us, because Jesus died for all, so that all those who live might live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died and was raised again for their sake.