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Fair immigration reform needed

I join social service workers, people of all faith traditions, agricultural and construction employers and concerned citizens in urging real comprehensive and fair immigration reform. Members of all political parties agree that our immigration system is broken. Now is the time to fix it.

When my ancestors came to this country, they did so because their areas in Europe were in turmoil both economically and politically. Rather than condemn their children to the same or worse, they immigrated. They only had to prove they were not contagious, and no one put them in jail for working to feed their children.

Today's immigrants come for many of the same reasons. They are even willing to risk their lives crossing the desert — they face crushing poverty, and in many cases, persecution in their home country.

They come with hope that they can provide for the basic needs of their family. To be truly effective, immigration reform must address these root causes of immigration.

We need Congress to approve a bill that addresses real needs:

* enabling the uniting of families;

* creating a fair guest worker program;

* ensuring access to basic benefits and services;

* ensuring a legal path to citizenship;

* ending indiscriminate raids and detention.

From my own experience, I am aware of the real contributions immigrants are making as honest, hard-working employees. They long to give their children a better life. They struggle to learn English and dream of the day they can pass their citizenship tests. I have driven several families to Wichita to take their tests, and each person has passed it. They are so very happy celebrating at their citizenship ceremony and bring up the memory often.

The passage of the dream act enabling young, undocumented immigrants to study opens a door. We must keep that door open. We have educated them through high school.

They want careers in medicine, law enforcement, education and other professions. Since we have a scarcity of such personnel in western Kansas and need to recruit far and wide, why not help them become our home-grown professionals?


Garden City

Help us to know right from wrong

This is a prayer that we could pray to our God, for those of us who love our America. There are many people who do not care to know God. But there are more that do. They also do not care for the Ten Commandments, and force laws that are against our values, including the government at times.

Jesus, your name is powerful. Most Americans believe in you. Help us to know the right from the wrong.

Also, may the many people moving into our USA try to understand our laws and want to understand our values of our country.

Thank you.


Garden City