The Garden City Telegram

Never forget our veterans

After my sister and I had put flowers on my husband's and our family's resting places at Valley View Cemetery, we drove around to look at the flowers.

We saw the ladies from the two local veterans' groups putting flowers at the Veterans Field of Honor.

The next day I went back to see how nice it looked. It didn't. There was hardly anything on the Field of Honor.

Every veteran deserves a flag at their resting place for a day that was created for them. There were very few flags anywhere. Many no longer have family to do this.

You would think clubs created by veterans, for veterans, could do this for them even if they didn't belong to the clubs. They are veterans.

I will take care of my husband's and my sister and I will take care of our uncle's, also a recently departed friend, classmate and fellow horseman.

If this offends anyone, I can't say I'm sorry, I hope it does. Maybe it could look better next year.