The Garden City Telegram

Old goods — Antiques Appraisal Fair showcases colorful history

Popular television programs have placed a spotlight on people's treasures.

Whether it's the work of pawn shop operators, pickers or antique appraisers, the act of pricing people's collectibles and other items — valuable or not — has become great entertainment.

Local residents interested in having items of their own choosing appraised will be able to do so this Saturday during the 2014 Southwest Kansas Antiques Appraisal Fair, an event planned for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the 4-H Building on the Finney County Fairgrounds.

Proceeds from admission and appraisal fees will benefit the Finney County Historical Society and local museum.

Appraisals during Saturday's event will be offered by a panel of collectors, dealers and others with expertise in antiques and special interest objects. No artifacts will be bought or sold, but the appraisal team will offer a non-binding verbal estimate of value for each item.

Considering the interest in such ventures, we'd expect a healthy turnout from folks hoping to better understand the value of treasured belongings.

People were encouraged to bring glassware, pottery, porcelain, commercial advertising items, sports memorabilia, lamps, vintage clothing, costume jewelry, quilts, prints, furniture, holiday decorations, toys and other collectibles. Appraisals won't be offered for coins, fine jewelry or firearms.

Whether it's the painting that was on grandma's wall for decades, a vintage toy pulled out of the attic or an old hand-stitched quilt, treasures come in seemingly endless variety.

Some participants in the local antiques appraisal fair may find that their items wouldn't garner much in terms of dollars, but still have all important sentimental value.

Even those who attend just to observe likely will learn more about many items, and possibly see something similar to one of their own possessions cross the stage during the appraisals.

And, it will be interesting to see how many submissions with local history and flavor materialize during the event.

Knowing the historical society and museum exist to share stories about people, places and things that helped shape Garden City and Finney County, the antiques appraisal fair should be a nice fit in a community rich with fascinating history.