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Superintendent left lasting impression

In February 1981, my husband was offered a position as head mechanic/night watchman for the transportation department of USD 457, and thus began our friendship with former 457 Superintendent Dr. Horace Good. His kindness, during our relocation to Garden City, and for the following three years as employer, has never been forgotten.

Because of the night watchman position, he oversaw the logistics of installing utilities on a plot of ground close to the "Bus Barn" for our mobile home. When we were moved, he personally made sure the phone company hurried the installation of our phone "because with kids, you need a phone." In 1983, when we were thinking of making a camping trip with our kids, he told us, "Don't put it off! They need to go now, while they are young!" He even called, after we came home, to see how the trip had gone.

He cared about his employees, but more importantly, he cared about all people. That virtue was displayed during his tenure as superintendent as well as after retirement, while serving in Dr. Fry's surgery center. Dr. Good did wonderful things, as superintendent for a growing district, but his greatest legacy is one of caring, and he will be missed by those who knew him.


Garden City

Disappointing path for GOP

Whatsamatta you, Kansas. We have our squinty-eyed governor, and you go and elect a herd of flying monkeys to help him. "We gonna do away wid all dem income an' specially corporation taxes 'n everbody be happy," sez our Majesty. "But wait," say those who should know, "without taxes our state will be soon bankrupt." "Don' bodder me wid fax," sez the hapless Highness. "I'll jus' cut edication an' when everbody get stupid, they keep on votin' for me." Whatsammatta you, Kansas.

I have been a Republican virtually all my life. I first voted for Eisenhower and voted Republican up to "W." I did not vote for "W" as I (correctly) perceived him to be stupid. I voted for McCain and would again. I will vote for Obama.

How anyone could vote Republican in this cycle is beyond me. Our party, the GOP, has drifted into hard right wing extremism at both the state and national level. They would cut taxes for the rich, cut or eliminate funding for the arts, education and the poor and disabled. Their motto seems to be "I got mine and you can't have any."

Good Christians all.


Garden City

Remembering an amazing woman

I am writing this letter as a tribute to an amazing woman known as Chris Sigsbee-Jost. I knew Chris for more than 30 years. She was one of the founding mothers of Family Crisis Services in 1981. Chris was an advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She answered the hotline for years and was always willing to take the midnight shift. Chris served on the Family Crisis Services Board for many years and acted as secretary for most of this time.

Chris was a real asset in many other ways for all persons in our community. She was active in church, the Senior Center of Finney County and legislative issues. Although Chris faced adversity at times in her life, she always had a smile and a faith in God. I know that the staff, board of directors and the volunteers who served beside Chris in her service to Family Crisis Services join me in this tribute. I also know Chris will be sorely missed by her family and many friends, myself included.

Chris, may you dance with the angels now and forever more.


Garden City

Christensen is the former director of Family Crisis Services.