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Ulysses students Mr., Ms. GI Forum

Courtesy photo(Left to right) Jose Olivas (2013 Kansas State Commander), Jennifer Calderwood (2013 National Miss American GI Forum, State of Kansas Youth Treasurer, and National Youth Treasurer), Alicia Rodriguez (2013 State Chairwoman), Xavier Rodriguez (2013 National Mr. American GI Forum, State of Kansas Youth Chair, National Youth Vice-Chair).
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Ulysses High School graduates Xavier Rodriguez and Jennifer Calderwood recently earned the titles of 2013 National Mr. and Ms. American GI Forum in Denver.

The Mr. and Ms. AGIF is a scholastic contest that requires you to go through a process of interviews and presentation of a speech on a certain topic. The students are members of the Ulysses chapter. The American GI Forum is a civil rights and veterans organization whose motto reads "Education is Our Freedom, and Freedom Should be Everybody's Business."