The Garden City Telegram

GCCC awards scholarships

The following students from Garden City received scholarships through the Garden City Community College Endowment Association to attend GCCC:

Garden City

Cristina Picazo, 19, pre-med, Dean's Scholarship, Black Hills Energy Scholarship; Ling Shui, 32, education, Leona Goodwin Memorial Scholarship; Daniel Zook, 27, general education School, O.R. and Ferne Gracey Memorial Scholarship; Patrick Twiss, 19, computer science, Finney County Special Incentive; Estela Lujan Ortiz, 20, dental hygiene, Presidential Scholarship; Felicita Martinez, 19, business, Finney County Special Incentive; Quyen Hoang, 35, business, Continuing Education Center, Anne Burns/Scott, Selby and Florence Ballantyne Memorial Scholarship, Earle W Campbell Memorial Scholarship; Cameron Coyle, 19, pre-physical therapy, Dean's Scholarship, Oliver and Hazel Shriver Memorial Science and Math/High Technology; Kmwee Moo, 20, nursing, Dean's Scholarship; Abby Herlan, 19, general education, Presidential Scholarship; Jennifer Hipp, 37, business administration, Continuing Education Scholarship; Rachael McVey, 18, education, James and Merle Crowley Memorial Scholarship; Aubrey Dauber, 18, psychology, Asel Harder Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship; Rayce Chappel, 19, computer science, Dorothy Salais Memorial Scholarship, Amy Arteaga Memorial Scholarship, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Alejandra Gonzales, 18, psychology, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarship; Jessica Linenberger, 18, education, Chelsea Marie Willson McElroy Memorial Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship; Martha Herrera, 17, pre-vet, James M. Concannon Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Finney County Special Incentive; Isaira Hernandez, 18, computer engineer, Eric O'Dell Memorial Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship; Rafael Murillo-Garcia, 18, criminal justice, Alvin A. Dewey Memorial Scholarship, Reed/Miller Memorial Scholarship; Abigail San Juan-Franco, 18, nursing, Finney County Special Incentive; Lesley Gutierrez, 17, nursing, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship, PC Bill and Velia Garcia Memorial Scholarship; Allison Bird-Heiman, 18, education, Teacher's Education Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship; Karla Rodriguez, 18, nursing, Dean's Scholarship; Angel Montalvo, 18, general education, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarship; Marina Garcia, 18, nursing, Florence L. Nanninga Scholarship; Alexandra Pio, 17, criminal justice, Henry and Nellie Hall Memorial Scholarship, Noon Kiwanis Scholarship; Vanesa Galvez, 19, business management, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Danah Prophet, 38, pre-nursing, Second Baptist Church Annual Scholarship; Nayeli Alvarez, 18, social worker, Wayne Stagaard Memorial Scholarship, Jeff and David Thayer Memorial Scholarship, Buffalo Jones BUFFS Elementary Scholarship; Ana Ontiveros, 19, nursing, Community Fiesta Scholarship; Alexis Melgosa, 19, psychology, Duane E. West and Orvileta West Scholarship; Nallely Padilla, 19, social worker, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarship; Jordan George, 18, theater, Florence L. Nanninga Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship; Kendra Howeland, 19, agronomy, General Agriculture Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship; Gabriela Molina, 18, business, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Alexandria Trujillo, 20, pre-vet, general agriculture scholarship; Alejandra Puentes, 18, graphic design, Dean's Scholarship; Jose Robles, 19, pre-med, Western State Bank Scholarship; Thaw Da, 19, general education; Presidential Scholarship; Ivett Ortega, 17, accounting, Ed Hooper Scholarship; Asha Hahn, 20, social welfare, Presidential Scholarship; Alfredo Galvan, 34, computer science, Oliver and Hazel Shriver Memorial Computer Science Scholarship; Keegan Kreutzer, 19, general education, Commerce Bank Scholarship; Stephanie McGaughey, 19, pre-vet, Mildred Denchfield Memorial Scholarship; Mauricio Pineda, 18, business administration, Finney County Special Incentive; Mays Ramirez, 20, nursing, Dean's Scholarship, Jeff and Shannon Gigot Book Scholarship; Thanh Nguyen, 19, nursing, Louie Maune Memorial Scholarship; Leah Staats, 20, general education, Independent Order of Odd Fellows Scholarship; Tra Nguyen, 18, pre-med, Oliver and Hazel Shriver Memorial Science and Math/High Technology Scholarship, Warren Fouse Memorial Scholarship; Ana Hernandez, 23, cosmetology, Finney County Special Incentive; Amanda Rivas, 28, cosmetology, David Tangeman Memorial Scholarship; Stephanie Smith, 20, accounting, Brungardt Hower Accounting Scholarship; Vu Doan, 19, general education, Commerce Bank Scholarship; Karla Terrazas, 18, early childhood, Dr. Stephen Stover Scholarship; Christopher Orozco, 18, parks and recreation, O.R. & Ferne Gracey Memorial Scholarship; Shelby Ketterling, 19, general education, Western State Bank Scholarship; Binh Hua, 18, computer science, Campbell Family Scholarship; Alan Zamarripa, 19, criminal justice, Technical Scholarship; Alondra Ortiz-Tomayo, 17, respiratory thearpy, Commerce Bank Scholarship; Cynthia Althouse, 17, art, Finney County Special Incentive, J&M Paint and Wall Covering Scholarship, Leigh Perry Memorial Scholarship; Kaydee Tran, 20, psychology, Kay Walls Memorial Scholarship; Leeana Guerrero, 21, criminal justice, Finney County Special Incentive; Alonso Barragan-Martinez, 18, biology, Garfield Elementary School Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship; Edith Gonzalez, 18, general education, Garfield Elementary School Scholarship, Duane & Mary Lou Hays Memorial Scholarship; Kyle Deaver, 18, Production Ag, Finney County Farm Bureau Association Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship; Jesus Beatriz Palomino, 28, psychology, Kirk Gordon Miller Memorial Scholarship; Diana Ramirez-Hernandez, 18, business, Duane and Mary Lou Hays Scholarship; Juan Matias, 19, accounting, Finney County Special Incentive; Miguel Alvarez, 33, social science, Adult Learning Center, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Diana Ortiz, 18, business, Myron Carr Memorial Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship; Brittinee Nichols, 19, nursing, Mary Mae Rooney Memorial Scholarship; Cody Hammond, 17, industrial maintenance, 21st Century Learning Academy, Sarah Carter Memorial Scholarship; Manuel Urrego, 24, pre-med, Canaan Memorial High School, Lloyd and Pauline Joyce Scholarship; Madison Silva, 19, athletic trainer, Barrett/Greathouse Athletic Trainer Scholarship, Norma Gunn Memorial; Alexis Slate, 18, criminal justice, 21st Century Leaning Academy, Sarah Carter Memorial Scholarship; Gaudy Gonzalez, 33, pre-med, GCCC Adult Learning Center, Mary Jo Williams Memorial Scholarship, Duane E. West and Orvileta West Scholarship; Aisha Rios, 19, dental hygiene, Commerce Bank Scholarship, Astraea Jr. Club Scholarship; Holly Nevin, 27, elementary education, Dr. Stephen Stover Scholarship Living Arts and Science/Early Childhood Development Scholarship; Jesus Alvarado, 28, nursing, Arthur E. amd Felicitas Goetz Memorial Scholarship; Alec Oller, 19, computer science, Earle W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship; Taryn Bird-Heiman, 20, elementary education, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Jose Reyes, 19, radiology, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Kyle Strickland, 19, cosmetology, Deerfield High School, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Aaron Rojas, 19, theater, Irene James Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Perez, 18, music, Oliver and Hazel Shriver Memorial Music Scholarship; Julio Magana, 24, advertising, COBAEJ Lewis, Hooper & Dick Scholarship, Tim Purcell Memorial Scholarship; Luke Rijfkogel, 23, geology, Dr. Thomas Saffell Scholarship; Sarai Alvarez, 28, elementary education, Wichita North High School, Harry Cannon Memorial Scholarship; Mayra Puentes, 34, cosmetology, Finney County Community Learning Center, Finney County Special Incentive; Tiffany Leonard, 23, general education, Frank and Nelle West Memorial Scholarship; Maria Carrasco, 28, general education, Continuing Education Scholarship; Lisa Wild, 49, business administration, Aurora Central High School, Taylor and Katherine C. Jones Scholarship; Laura Fry, 19, general education, Frederick and Isabel Finnup Memorial Scholarship; Savannah Wild, 18, general education, Faith Baptist Academy, Finney County Special Incentive; Kristen Freeman, 19, nursing, Garden City, Duane E. West and Orvileta West Scholarship; Amy Arteaga, 19, pre-engineering, Ernest O. and Susie Nunn Memorial Scholarship; Maria Martinez, 37, special education, E.C.C.C, Dr. Roscoe Wally Waldorf Scholarship; Zachary Montoya, 19, general education, Finney County Special Incentive; Lexus Richardson, 18, elementary education, Dr. Stephen Stover Scholarship; Kevin Argueta, 18, English literature, Deerfield High School, Dean's Scholarship; Benjamin Blood, 18, general education, Presidential Scholarship; Brett Cady, 18, agricultural communications, Ambassador Scholarship; Logan Dechant, 18, business, Dean's Scholarship; Calvin Evans, 19, electrical engineering, Deans Scholarship; Gay Gay, 20, nursing, Presidential Scholarship; Rae Harper, 18, pre-vet, Dean's Scholarship; Kieran Henderson, 19, pre-engineering, Dean's Scholarship; Pamela Hernandez, 19, psychology, Dean's Scholarship; Brian Inglis, 18, law enforcement, Presidential Scholarship; Hannah Lindo, 18, general education, Dean's Scholarship; Tristan Lindo, 18, art therapy, Dean's Scholarship; Julia Macias, 18, dental hygiene, Dean's Scholarship; Mitchell Moore, 18, science, Presidential Scholarship; Eng Par, 22, general education, Dean's Scholarship; Ramon Parra, 19, John Deere Ag, Tech., Dean's Scholarship; Karen Hernandez-Rodriguez, 19, nursing, Continuing Education Scholarship; Yetzubelli Rangel, 18, criminal justice, Henry and Nellie Hall Memorial Scholarship, Dean's Scholarship, Technical Scholarship; Itzel Moreno-Rodriguez, 18, pre-dentistry, Dean's Scholarship; Anouvath Sayasale, 20, international relations, Presidential Scholarship; Jada Schmale, 18, dental hygiene, Presidential Scholarship; Shannon McVey, 39, sociology, Oliver and Hazel Shriver Memorial Social Science Scholarship; Dalton Skipton, 19, athletic traning, Dean's Scholarship; Wah Wah, 20, nursing, Dean's Scholarship; Heath Winkelman, 18, bio-chemistry, Dean's Scholarship; Yolanda Cox, 20, nursing, Mary Mae Rooney Memorial Scholarship