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Recipents of 2014 LULAC scholarships

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story omitted Alberto Carrillo's name and incorrectly reported the winner of the Angie Gonzales-Posey memorial scholarship.

At its 19th Annual Scholarship Banquet, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) awarded scholarships ans named awards to educators in the USD 457 school distric.

On April 12, the Garden City LULAC council awarded national scholarships to the following students; Kristin Viola Padilla, Monserrat Feria, Erendira Jimenez-Gonzalez, Elsa Montanez, Alisia Sauceda, Jose Ponce, Jessica Ortiz and Julia Santos.

Garden City Community College Endowment scholarships were awarded to the following students: Emilio Parr, Jocelyn Camarillo, Edith Robles, Sandra Quinones, Cristina Salamanca-Murillo, Alfonso Villa and Johanna Hinestroza-Ruiz.

Other scholarship recipients were as follows: Emily Herrada received the Angie Gonzales-Posey Memorial scholarship; Sophia Hernandez received the Joe & Lydia Gonzales Memorial scholarship; and Tierza Ramirez-Arteaga received the Rising Souls Enrique Ramirez Memorial scholarship.

The 2014 outstanding male and female students were Emilio Parr and Elsa Montanez.

Guest speaker and Principal of Gertrude Walker Elementary School, Albert Carillo, was named the 2014 LULAC man of the year and GCHS Teacher Paola Rodriguez was named 2014 LULAC Woman of the Year.

The local LULAC chapter was started in 1995 by Lydia Gonzales to encourage Hispanic students to further their education.

Middle School science students work on garden

Horace Good Middle School seventh grade science students have been contributing to the A Street Community Garden, where they have been working on a plot at the garden since March.

The students have been learning first-hand about photosynthesis, producers, decomposition, seasonal growth, soil composition, water conservation practices, habitat preservation practices, food growing methods, carbohydrates, and energy pyramids.

Students have been able to make hands on connections between animals, agriculture, and their roles in the biome. Guest speakers Whitney Buchman and Tarra Tyson, of the Lee Richardson Zoo, have spoken to students about the Rainforest biome bringing animals from different parts of the food web, including boa constrictors, tree frogs and hissing cockroaches.

The students learned about the Lee Richardson Zoo composting program and how the zoo compiles waste from herbivores living in the zoo and allows decomposers, primarily good bacteria, to break it down into nutritious soil. The seventh graders then took this compost, familiarly known as Zoo Poo, and used the decomposed matter to supplement the soil in their garden plot, once more reinforcing lessons in decomposition.

The students will be given the opportunity to participate and work on the garden plot during the summer and into next school year.

Edith Scheuerman wins People's Choice

Edith Scheuerman Elementary School has been named a "People's Choice" winner in the Follett Challenge, which for the third consecutive year has provided a forum for K-12 schools from around the country to share inspiring stories of how their innovative programs are preparing students for the demands of the 21st century.

There were a total of 10 "People's Choice" winners, reflective of those schools whose video submissions received the highest number of online votes from the public. Edith Scheuerman Elementary School and the other nine schools each will be awarded with $5,000 prizes in products and services from Follett.

The school's entry showcases how Edith Scheuerman Elementary School prepares its students for college and their careers and the accompanying video was titled, "Places You'll Go! Career Tour." The video has been viewed more than 1,100 times on the Follett Challenge website.

A total of 103 entrants completed an online application and uploaded a three- to five-minute video describing their program. The judges scored entries based on critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration between students, teachers and other members of the school staff. More than 233,000 votes were cast in the online competition for favorite videos.