To my friends of the community:

I do not know how to say "thank you" for all that has been done for my 97th birthday.

First, our newspaper published an article, in advance, telling of the plans of our school to help us to observe the day.

On the special day, at our school, there were many acts of kindness;

the music by various music groups of the high school was special, as

was the music by the morning choir of our school.

The newspaper, radio and television all did their part to provide information.

On Sunday the friends of my church were so kind to me in so many

special ways; during the afternoon, friends of my home, Homestead,

expressed special kindness.

And, it surely is not possible to recognize all of those who have

sent cards, not only those who live in Garden City, but those former

students of the 1940s and after, who now live in Oklahoma, Missouri,

Alabama, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, California, Virginia and


And then, there were flowers which came from a former student who

now lives in Colorado, as well as those which came from friends, here

in Garden City.

Thank you, friends in Garden City, for a very special, special 97th birthday.

With deep gratitude,


Garden City