Enjoyable run on GCCC board

I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to be a Board of Trustee for Garden City Community College for the last four years. It was an honor and an experience I will treasure forever.

It allowed me to make new friends, spend time with old friends and hopefully make a difference that will continue at GCCC. The trustees I have worked with the last four years have been gracious as to my learning curve and have become those new friends I speak of. During my time as chair we faced many new challenges and we as a team made difficult choices we believed were for the betterment of GCCC. I have worked with a passionate group of trustees and they will continue to carry that passion on into the future with Dr. Swender.

I also have to thank Carol Ballantyne for encouraging me to run for the board four years ago and helping me learn the process until her retirement. Carol and I spoke together at several engagements to get voters to understand the need of the Front Door Project, which is now the Student and Community Services Center.

Being part of selecting a new president for GCCC was exciting and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the process. Good job. I believe Dr. Swender will be a breath of fresh air to the college and community. He will bring change, but remember change is always good even though at the time you may not think so. If GCCC does not continue to change and move forward it becomes stale and not someplace students will want to get their education nor will staff or faculty enjoy their positions. You should enjoy what you do.

My passion for GCCC will never end. I will still be on campus and keep an eye on what trustees are working on. Sporting events and Endowment Association has been a part of our lives for the last 20 years so that will not change for us either. My husband and I both have served on the BAA board in the past and as trustee on Endowment board for the last two years.

Again, thank you and please allow Dr. Swender and the trustees to take GCCC to the next level and an educational institution we can all be proud to call "our" College. I will miss you all.


Garden City

Morton County coverage lacking

I have to say that I am very embarrassed by my community's local newspaper, The Garden City Telegram. Shame on you. Your blatant lack of consideration and exclusion of reporting of one of our southwest Kansas counties is so obvious it hurts. I am referring to Morton County. Please remember they are part of western Kansas. They are not a state of their own as far as the latest reports from Topeka are concerned. The most recent slap in the face is leaving out the name of a very prominent individual serving on a Blue Ribbon Committee appointed by the Supreme Court of Kansas. He, along with others, are working on the future of the court system in western Kansas as well as the rest of the state of Kansas. Bob Boaldin, Morton County Commissioner and local businessman of Elkhart, was obviously and intentionally left out of Rachael Gray's report. Mr. Boaldin serves on many committees at his own expense and should have, at the least, been mentioned in her report for serving on the committee and giving of his time and expertise at the meeting in Garden City on May 2.

Another example of your exclusion is the recent supplement circulated by the newspaper. It featured every county in southwest Kansas except one. The information and statistics was great, but it was not a complete report. Again, Morton County was not included.

My concern goes much further. Businesses in this community pay attention. How much business are you losing? Our community has no problem accepting Morton residents' money, however, for years The Telegram has not encouraged Morton County residents to come to Garden City due to their lack of including them in any of their reporting, unless of course, it is bad news. The Telegram will tell you that Liberal is more responsible for the Elkhart news. So what. The Telegram even leaves out the Elkhart schools' sports events, if they happen to win. They make sure to report any losses. Elkhart is part of the High Plains League and deserves the same fair reporting that any other community receives.

The Telegram should realize that Morton County residents are a part of the Garden City community. The owners of our theater are from Elkhart. Our theater is better than it has ever been. Morton County residents have relatives and friends in this and other communities in the surrounding area and this is a huge concern to them as well. Wake up, Garden City Telegram and include Morton County in your southwest Kansas reporting.

Ms. Gray and The Telegram should apologize to Mr. Boaldin. Morton County should receive even more.


Garden City