Hypocrisy in plan protests

First, I would like to start by commending Matt Allen for having the sight and common sense to see through the bureaucratic red tape and expediting our proposal for the American Legion Memorial Building (ALMB) by bypassing the planning commission in order to expedite a process that has been going on now for seven months.

In trying to proceed with the project, we have run into a pocket of resistance that has presented numerous frivolous arguments, statements and objections. Each time we have put these kinds of things to rest, but their ugly head keeps cropping up. The most recent being the accusation of Mr. Ken Rishel that Commissioner Dan Fankhauser has a conflict of interest because he worked as our architect on our last project, per The Garden City Telegram. I feel compelled to defend Commissioner Fankhauser against such a serious and frivolous accusation. His decision to support us is his own and we have not approached him to work on this project. Furthermore, asking Commissioner Fankhauser to recuse himself because we previously used his services is like asking Commissioner Crase to recuse himself because we purchased his pizzas.

Now if you want a conflict of interest, I present you with Downtown Vision, an organization partially funded by the city and represented by Dr. Beverly Glass. She has been speaking against our proposal at every turn, which would be fine if she were an ordinary citizen. However, she represents Downtown Vision and they are not being a subjective voice to the city as they have a vested interest. Proof of this is the proposal they turned into the city a day late (more on this later). In considering her opinion, one must consider that she is acting in her own best interest, not the city's since she desires to move Downtown Vision into the ALMB. I cannot stress enough that she is not the subjective voice she is supposed to be since she has a dog in the hunt.

Now let's turn our attention to Mr. Rishel who sits on the Planning Commission Board, Commissioner Fankhauser's accuser. It is clear that he supports the Downtown Vision proposal, as he was advocating that it should have been considered even though it was submitted a day late. In Mr. Rishel's eyes this is a technicality and should be overlooked. In other words, he does not believe that the rule of law should apply to people he favors. Additionally, in his opinion piece dated 3/15/13 he scolded us for offering the city $1,000 for the building, but Downtown Vision offered a single dollar. He scolded us for asking for sewage and water, but Downtown Vision asked for all utilities, an irrigation system, permit fees to be waived and landscaping. If this is not textbook hypocrisy, I don't know what is. So, I ask you, why is he so keen in demonizing one plan while supporting another that asks for more?


Alexandria, Va.

Good return in half-cent tax

To all voters of Garden City:

On April 2, ballots for Garden City residents will contain an opportunity to extend a half-cent sales tax designated for upkeep of infrastructure and property tax stabilization.

We, as the retail and business hub of our region, can benefit from sales to those who come from other areas to shop, eat and do business. As our retail opportunities expand, and they are obviously expanding, the draw from the entire western region of our state, eastern Colorado and the panhandle of Oklahoma will also increase.

This means an increase in sales tax revenue that will help us maintain our infrastructure at a lower cost and keep our property tax levy down.

Please join me in supporting this sales tax.


Garden City

Unruh worthy of support

We are fortunate to have a choice of quality candidates running for City Commission. In my opinion, Troy Unruh stands out and is deserving of your vote. He has an intimate knowledge of the community, having served on numerous civic boards, and having chaired many of them. I know him to be a concerned, involved, compassionate individual able to make intelligent, informed decisions. He will tackle the tough issues with a servant leader's attitude and with integrity. I encourage you to vote for Troy Unruh as I will be doing.



Garden City