There are so many stories in your paper, I thought you could use a

small space to write about our 300 Kansas National Guard No. 778 that

are deployed to go overseas. Bad news is published in big letters, we

would like to read articles about our hero. Not just because she is

related to me but because our family is proud of Stacy Gonzales, she

was born here, attended school here, attended Garden City Community

College and Fort Hays State University and has always been very

involved in the community. She is a grandmother but is still fit to go

overseas for the third time.

Your editorial spoke about supporting our soldiers. I wish you could

have been there Sunday to see all the American flags waving in the

breeze with more than 300 soldiers standing at attention.

The building overflowed with family members with tears in their eyes

as they said their goodbyes not knowing if they will see them again. A

big thank you to Mr. Luckett and his group for taking the time to go

and cook for our heroes that have the courage to protect our country.


Garden City