Any parent will tell you there’s no better feeling than the success of your kids.

In the last couple weeks, my kids have made my shirt buttons pop.

My son, Alek, passed his last exam to become a certified financial advisor, and my daughter, Claire, earned first place in the Nebraska Press Association Better Newspaper contest for her graphic depicting what Humphrey’s downtown might look like if people do not shop locally.

Alek has been studying his you-know-what off for months, and now can concentrate on his job.

It’s been a series of tests for him, and he was more than ready to close the books and get to work.

He has become well-versed in finances, and his knowledge of money matters is impressive.

When I called Claire to tell her she won, I don’t think she understood the significance of what she accomplished.

The Humphrey Democrat competes in the second largest classification of weekly paper, going up against papers with staffs larger than one. That means the larger papers in our class have people dedicated to doing just one job, not all of them.

The classification is based on subscriptions and is very broad, so her achievement is pretty significant.

It is fun to think back to what they wanted to be as they were growing up.

We were going to have a baseball player and veterinarian or fashion designer in the family at one time.

Baseball went out the window the first few months of college for Alek when a bum shoulder never got any better. He tried graphic design before landing on exercise science and fitness, so naturally he’s in the world of finance.

Actually, while working toward an exercise science degree he got a college job that required salesmanship, which is what his current job involves.

Claire went through a lot of career ideas. She contemplated fashion design for a while before earning a graphic design degree. Then it was back to school for vet tech school before switching gears.

Now, along with working with me, Claire is starting a graphic design business with her future sister-in-law, Anna.

Life is a journey and takes us through many detours before we find our path.

I’ve always been proud of Claire and Alek for the people they are, and now they are young adults at the starting line of their career paths.

They are off to a great start, and I look forward to watching the rest of their travels.


Patrick Murphy, editor-publisher of the Humphrey Democrat and Newman Grove Reporter in Nebraska, is a former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.