Are you approaching retirement age? You can apply for Social Security benefits online. Just go to It’s very easy!

You do not have to complete the entire application in one sitting. If you need additional information, you can restart later without losing any information. Your application is secure. Social Security has taken every precaution to keep your personal information safe and disclosed only to you.

Go to and click on “Online Services.” Under the list of services, click on “Apply for Social Security Benefits.” You will proceed through a series of screens asking questions about yourself, your family and your work. Once you have answered all the questions, you can submit the application, which will be sent electronically to Social Security. You can print a receipt to keep for your records, and you will also be given an application number that you can use to check on the status of your application online.

Once your application is received, Social Security will review it and contact you if they need clarification or if they require additional information. They will let you know if you could receive more benefits by using a spouse’s record. You will receive a letter in the mail about their decision.

If you are simply considering retirement at this time, you can use the online Retirement Estimator. It will calculate your estimated retirement benefit based on your estimated retirement age and when you stop working.

Call the senior center at (620) 272-3620 with any questions or for help applying for retirement benefits.


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