Senior center cards

Margaret Hibler won high in the three tables of pitch played Tuesday at the Senior Center of Finney County, 907 N. 10th St. Bob Baker took second place. Third went to John Bunnell.

In the two tables of pinochle played Monday, Shirley Howell won high, Dawn Thiel took second and Bunnell placed third.

Acorn Club

Dorothy Vannaman and Leah Martinek were hostesses for the Acorn Club’s November meeting.

Vannaman and Donna Christensen gave studies of Mamie Eisenhower and Lady Bird Johnson.

The club’s service project was to donate stuffed animals to emergency medical technicians to give to children.

Duplicate bridge

The Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club had a small game Monday, turning out only 17 games but six tie or "flat" boards with Wen Wurst and Jon Craig winning. Gerry Shultz and Diane Woolwine took second, just one point ahead of May Craig and Jon Kempton.

On Sunday, six pairs combined to produce 30 games, only five in no-trump, but no slams were bid. Kempton and Schultz took first place by only a single point over Donna and Roger Morris.

On Nov. 13, seven pairs vied for honors in a 28-board movement and found 15 suit games, seven no-trump games and two slams were bid on board #22 but only one succeeded. Virginia Enslow and Dorothy Bartlett held first, Woolwine and Schultz took second while Craig and Kempton held third.  

On Nov. 12, a 25-board Howell movement was played. The majority of the 26 games bid and made were in no-trump. Enslow and Bartlett won first place with Therin and Woolwine in second. 

Regular games begin at 7 p.m. Monday and 1:15 p.m. Tuesday at the Senior Center of Finney County, 907 N. 10th St., plus sanctioned games begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, with all bridge players welcome. For partners, call Kempton at (620) 276-2876.