You could say Betty Mae Jantz, Carla Burroughs and Shirley Wasinger have ties that bind of the sewing kind.

The three women have a love of quilting in common that has resulted in opening the new store A Quilted Crow, 2860 Schulman Ave., Suite C.

The 2,500-square-foot store offers quilting fabric that mimics the Civil War period, primitive fabric and thimbleberries, plus wool. A Quilted Crow also features books, patterns, a variety of supplies and classes. The ambience is made pleasant with plenty of windows that let in the sunlight and quilts made by the three owners and other craftspeople hanging on the walls.

It also includes an area for classes, a place to browse quilting books and all manner of attractively presented accoutrements.

"There is a demand for it in this area," Jantz said. "Quilting is a great hobby for women. Quilting offers people a good chance to be creative and socialize while creating a heirloom piece."

"Education is very important to us out here, and we love to inspire the creativity in everyone here with lots of samples and eye candy," Jantz said.

Although you have to look for the store, no one is worried about being found.

"It's such a destination business. Women find us regardless," Burroughs said. "It's almost like they can smell us. ..."

While the craft has always been around, it has gained popularity in recent years. Burroughs said it's because of the pride of creating something. It's also gotten easier with advances in technology and machinery.

Jantz, Burroughs and Wasinger said quilting bought them together.

Jantz has been quilting most of her life, and Burroughs and Wasinger have been involved in the craft for about 15 years each.

Jantz said they know how to tread softly, but everyone pitches in to get things done. And all three have "very supportive" husbands who did the handiwork on the store, which opened Feb. 12.

"The creativity just multiplies by three," Burroughs said.

For its grand opening Friday, Jantz's mother Dawn Habiger and Judy Obrate presented quilting demonstrations. Obrate, Habiger, Patrice Vagher and her mother, Pat Salter of Syracuse, visited the store on Thursday.

Vagher said this was the first time she'd visited the store, and she was pleased.

"I think it's absolutely wonderful to have it in Garden City. I think it's wonderful to have a place to go rather than going out of town," she said.

"I believe it's going to draw people to Garden City," Obrate said.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The store's phone number is 805-5073.