I am a small farmer and rancher northeast of Garden City. I have a small garden, 71 hens and four head of cattle, and help my neighbor and landlord farm. I am used to being a farmer because I grew up on a farm northeast of Garden City. I know and understand the area. I went to Theoni Grade School, Kenneth Henderson Junior High School, Garden City Senior High School and Garden City Community College. I then moved to Moore, Okla., and worked in a natural gas laboratory in 1986 when gas prices were 0.67 cents per gallon. During that time I moved to Norman, Okla., and then completed two college degrees, one in chemistry and one in mathematics with an emphasis in computer programming.

Garden City is like a magnet, a food and a shelter magnet. Yet it puts pressure on the community to support the influx of people, i.e. new high school which will allow more classrooms and meals for children. What about the county residents? My congressman and others involved should make it harder for people overseas to get work visas to live here. We don't need to support them.

It will also lower the unemployment rate by not having them come over here as international harvesters. Some custom harvesters hire those people who are not familiar with our laws, drive on the wrong side of the road, drink alcohol and are disrespectful of our laws. So vote for an American and then you can call your representative and complain about the influx.


Garden City