Eighty-five years ago, two skunks were donated to become residents of Finnup Park, and thus began the local treasure that has become Lee Richardson Zoo. Many Garden City residents take pride in this hidden treasure and fondly remember some of the animals that have made this town their home. Throughout the years, we have exhibited lions, polar bears, elephants, hippos and many more magnificent animals.

Today, we house hundreds of animals representing a wide variety of species from around the world. Some, like the lions, have been here almost from the beginning. Others, like our pygmy slow lorises, joined the zoo more recently but are no less appreciated by the community.

In honor of this milestone year, the zoo is unveiling a new logo. While our majestic elephant logo has served us well for many years, we hope the new "hidden treasures" logo will represent the diversity of plants and animals at the zoo, as well as our proud connection to and support from the Garden City community.

Last Tuesday, we began slowly revealing pieces of the new logo, the first of which is a tail representing our lion pride. Each day we will reveal another piece of the logo with the full picture revealed on Tuesday. If you would like to see each of the zoo's representatives as they take their place in the logo, you can visit our website at www.leerichardsonzoo.org, join us on the City of Garden City or Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo Facebook pages, or follow City of GCKS or Friends of LRZ on Twitter. Keep up each day as we reveal another piece of the puzzle and try to guess who will take a place of honor tomorrow. Once you have discovered each day's animal, don't forget to stop by for a visit to see our representatives strutting their stuff at the zoo.