Impressive effort in local clean-up

Saturday, May 7, several local groups combined to tackle the trash problem along the Arkansas River bed and Sagebrush Road. Residents of Sagebrush Estates asked Ryan Steel and his fellow Boy Scouts to take part in the annual river bed and road clean-up from the Main Street bridge and two miles west. They were also joined by several students involved in the Neighborhood Improvement Project. The result was a series of huge piles of trash dragged out by all the volunteers.

For his Eagle Scout badge project, Ryan Steel has chosen to raise money for a large bronze sculpture that will be placed at the south Main Street entrance to Garden City near Peebles Sports Complex and the entrance to the Finney County Exhibition Building. Steel researched the cost of the project and is raising $35,000 to make the artwork a reality. Sagebrush Estate residents asked Steel and his scouting friends to help them clean up the river road area and contributed to his sculpture project.

It is great to see these young people working so hard to clean up our town and beautify it. The more we can all raise awareness to the importance of cleaning up after ourselves and not littering the town and countryside with trash, the better off we all will be.

Lots of people use the river bed as a recreation area. But those who use it should always remember to take trash bags with them and take with them what they bring in. Please don't just throw your bottles, cans and trash on the ground. It is really nasty to leave it for others to pick up later.

For those who bring large loads of junk to dump at the river why? The City of Garden City has quarterly city clean-ups that allow people to leave things at the curb for pick-up. Relying on the efforts of others to pick up your junk and lug it back up to the road for Finney County workers to pick up is just sick.

Those of us who live at Sagebrush are grateful to Ryan Steel and the Boy Scouts, and the students in the Neighborhood Improvement Project for helping us on Saturday. Thank you very much for your hard work.


Garden City