Consider jury trial experience

I am retiring from my 20-year career as Finney County Attorney. To the people of Finney County, I thank you for the trust you have placed in me. This Tuesday the voters will be picking my successor, a very important decision. Before deciding, consider a few points.

Brian Sherwood has 22 years of experience in the Finney County Attorney's Office with vast jury trial experience, including many of the most serious crimes. Mr. Sherwood knows the criminal elements of Finney County, those who commonly commit the crimes. He knows the street gangs of Finney County and the persons who are members of those street gangs and the crimes they commit. He knows and regularly works closely with the many law enforcement agencies here in Finney County, across the state of Kansas and the federal government agencies. He is a highly experienced prosecutor.

Susan Richmeier alludes to having experience but, when pressed, will admit that she has no jury trial experience. Though she gives a myriad of reasons why she has never tried a jury trial, the fact is she lacks the experience. In the criminal justice field, Susan has limited herself to handling only minor misdemeanor crimes and juvenile offenses and has not accepted felony appointments. However, with Susan's present level of experience, if she were appointed to defend a person charged with a felony offense, she could only defend a person charged with the least serious felony crimes. The reason is because she has no jury trial experience. The State Board of Indigent Defense Services, the agency that pays attorneys who accept court appointments to represent felony defendants, knows the importance of experience. The State of Kansas will not allow inexperienced attorneys to represent persons charged with more serious felony offenses without first obtaining the necessary jury trial experience.

Do you want your County Attorney to be a person who is not even qualified to represent many of the criminals she will be prosecuting? Do you want your safety left to the least experienced lawyer in the courtroom? I hope not.

I am prepared to turn over reins of this office to whomever the electors decide and I will do everything I can do to make as smooth a transition as is possible. However, I hope to remain in Finney County for as long as God allows me. I have no vested interest in my successor, but I do have a vested interest in maintaining the continuing public safety of our Finney County communities.

Finney County is being offered a choice of candidates to take over as the new County Attorney. When offered a choice, it is wise to vote for experience over inexperience. Brian Sherwood has served the people of Finney County well over the past 22 years. I encourage you to vote for Brian Sherwood as your County Attorney. You will not see his name on the ballot. Vote wisely and write in Brian Sherwood for County Attorney.


Garden City

Confident vote for Richmeier

Finney County residents,

I am so incredibly thankful for our country and for the freedom we have to elect those who will be in leadership and authority over us. I take the privilege of voting very seriously.

On our local level in the race for county attorney, I am confident in my decision to support Susan Richmeier to serve our county in that capacity. She is a skilled attorney with great insight and judgment. I highly value and appreciate her personal and professional integrity, her range of life experiences and maturity, and her strong work ethic.

Please support her as your county attorney when you vote on Nov. 6. Thank you.


Garden City

Richmeier offers unique experience

For many reasons, Susan Richmeier stands alone in the race for Finney County Attorney. She is the only candidate on the ballot and earned that spot deservedly by working hard and earning the respect of the voter to be placed on the ballot as the Republican candidate. There is not another choice. But, if you think there is another choice, I encourage you to look at not only the résumés of the candidates, but the integrity, character, education and involvement of the candidates.

Susan and her family represent generations of Finney County residents who have toiled the land and invested in this community almost from its inception. Susan and her husband have chosen to continue investing in Finney County by remaining here, raising a family here and running their businesses here. Not only do they invest personally within their family, but they invest in the future of Finney County through volunteerism, donations and through their church. Susan knows Finney County.

As a lifetime resident of Finney County, I urge the voters to take a look at the big picture. With Susan you get a wealth of experience and knowledge of not only the law, but of our community, education, children and families. She has what it takes to protect us, prosecute for us and to help ensure the county continues to remain a safe place to live. She is the person we want representing us, not only in this community, but across the state and with other prosecutors in other counties. Susan will be a representative of our community we can be proud to say we know and support.

Susan Richmeier is the choice for Finney County Attorney.


Garden City

Voters should extend sales tax

To all voters of Finney County:

On Tuesday, our ballots will contain an opportunity to extend a 1/4 cent sales tax earmarked for repair and maintenance of our buildings and roads.

While any tax is of concern, this sales tax helps to keep our local property taxes in check.

We, as the retail and business hub of our region, can benefit from sales to those who come from other areas to shop, eat and do business. As our retail opportunities expand, and they are obviously expanding, the draw from the entire western region of our state, eastern Colorado and the panhandle of Oklahoma, will also increase.

This means an increase in sales tax revenue that will help us maintain our infrastructure at a lower cost to Finney County residents.

Please join me in supporting this sales tax.


Garden City

Taylor serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Drees prepared for commission

We endorse Duane Drees for County Commissioner in the upcoming election. We have known Duane for the last 30-plus years and believe him to be a quality candidate. He will dedicate the time necessary to study the issues and make well-informed decisions.

Duane is a lifelong resident of Finney County and has demonstrated his experience in working on boards in a leadership role. He is a past member and chairman of the local co-op board and he currently serves as a member of the Finney County Planning Commission.

Please consider voting for Duane Drees on Nov. 6.


Garden City

Reasons not to vote for Romney

The Mormon Church believes Satan and Jesus are brothers. They also believe that God lives on a planet called Kolub?

The Mormon Church "re-baptises" people of different religions, after they have died. I'm still trying to figure that out.

Mitt Romney has constantly lied, flip-flopped, changed his beliefs on everything. He reminds me of a snowflake, in a blizzard, with shifting winds. He's here (for two seconds), then he's there, for one minute, and then he changes his mind again.

The reason the USA is (where) we are today is because Bush and Cheney believed in no rules, no regulations, no accountability. Funny how the Republicans get total Alzheimer's about Bush and Cheney, isn't it?

My mom was the president of the KFRW during the late 1960s and early 1970s. That's the Kansas Federation of Republican Women. I asked her, in 2007, what she thought of the new Republican Party. She said she was "sickened and disgusted." I totally agree.

I find it funny how Tim Huelskamp "claims" that he "voted against" that voucher system for Medicare that Paul Ryan supports. The Republican Party is really conservative. They can't help but rob the poor, so the billionaires get another free corporate welfare check. (After all, there are all those stories on Fake-Fox, about how bad it is to be a billionaire.) Yes, I sure feel sorry for the billionaires, it's so terrible, they actually want them (billionaires) to pay a fair share?

Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of other companies, is the world's biggest liar. The phone-hacking scandal in England last year should sicken and disgust every American citizen. His News of the World newspaper (illegally) listened to a little girl who had been murdered, phone calls. Family values? They also listened to British soldiers' phone calls of troops who had died. Also listened to were terrorist subway bombing victims' phones.

I listened to Bill O'Reilly in 2006. Bill O'Reilly said, "During World War II, at Malmedy, American troops massacred German soldiers." So, what's wrong with that? Oh, nothing (except) it was 87 American soldiers, shot down while trying to surrender. (That's why Bill O'Reilly is also known as Bill O'Lielly.)

The same can be said about all of Fox-not-News reporting. The lies remind me of a more stupid version of the National Enquirer.

Glenn Beck is another example of the lying scammers who talk total trash, every day. His Gold Line ads are a total rip-off and Gold Line has been sued by the California Attorney General for this scam.

I want to thank Mr. Dailey and all the others who, like me, believe that all this Republican nonsense, just nonsense, line needs to stop.

Kris Kobach should be worrying about all the (Republican) voter fraud, in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.


Garden City

Sherwood shows his dedication

Unfortunately it appears that Leonard Hitz is as easily confused as he is humored. His letter of Oct. 13 reveals some basic knowledge of baseball and golf, however, his understanding of our electoral process seems woefully inadequate.

The successful candidate in a primary election wins only his or her party's nomination period. That candidate must then be duly elected in the general election, whether opposed or unopposed. To suggest that "the people" have spoken, as Mr. Hitz opined, is just factually incorrect. Of the 15,914 voters eligible to vote in the Aug. 7 primary, only 3,752 ballots were cast. This represents a mere 23.58 percent of all eligible registered voters. Furthermore, all three candidates who filed for the Finney County Attorney's office filed as Republicans. Since the Republican Party holds a closed primary in Finney County, only registered Republicans and those non-affiliated independent voters who choose a Republican ballot could actually vote for any of the three candidates.

Mr. Sherwood's campaign is clearly not a case of a poor loser whining or "sour grapes." Quite to the contrary as Mr. Sherwood is a dedicated public servant who has invested his entire professional career in that service to the people of Finney County all the people.

Whether choosing to write-in vote for Mr. Sherwood or not, he nevertheless deserves our respect and appreciation for his effort. As for this voter, I will cast my write-in vote for Brian Sherwood for our next Finney County Attorney on Nov. 6.


Garden City

Dismiss Romney, support Fort

This is in regard to the editorial by Ronald Dailey printed on Oct. 31.

Ron, you are absolutely correct about the middle class voting for Romney and Ryan. They will be the first to complain about their insurance, taxes and etc., if Romney gets elected. All their promises are false, can't believe anything they say. One day it's one way, next day it's different.

While I'm on the voting subject, you people that are fortunate to live in Patsy Fort's district, as she is running for county commissioner. She is a very intelligent person and I'll bet come time to decide July 4 as to how to handle the fireworks, she'll have the right answer, also many other issues. Since the present county commissioners and the city commissioners can't decide what to do and never listen to Allen Shelton.

Thank you, go vote.


Garden City

Give Richmeier support at polls

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation's most recent crime statistics, which are available online, show that Finney County and Ford County have quite comparable crime rates (3.6 violent crimes per 1,000 of population in Finney County and 3.7 violent crimes per 1,000 of population in Ford County).

In the race for Ford County Attorney this year, the incumbent proudly pointed to his stewardship of taxpayer money, noting that his office operated on less than half the budget of the Finney County Attorney's office.

Susan Richmeier will be able to bring a new perspective to the operation of the Finney County Attorney's Office. Susan's business background, her willingness to be accountable to the taxpayers and her dedication to a team approach are why I encourage Finney County voters to elect Susan Richmeier as our next County Attorney.


Garden City

Support Richmeier's fresh perspective

Vote for Susan Richmeier for County Attorney. Do not sell this young woman short. We do need a new perspective. She has accomplished a lot in the legal world, while maintaining a home and raising a family. She really cares about fairness.


Garden City

Richmeier would push transparency

Finney County Attorney candidate Susan Richmeier is worthy of our votes on election day. In addition to her legal experience and personal strengths, she will bring creative insight on budgeting challenges. Moreover, she will emphasize transparency to the public on non-confidential matters. Clearly, Richmeier is poised to effectively lead the County Attorney's office.


Garden City