My son is officially moving out of the house.

Not that he's really lived with us since he went to college last fall, but now he's serious.

Alek and three buddies are renting an off-campus house.

A couple weekends ago we moved his bed to the house. That's the same bed that didn't fit downstairs in our home, so my father-in-law split the box springs.

The same bed he slept in maybe five times since we moved to Humphrey in December.

Now that bed is in Wayne, and the next time it's moved better be some time after graduation day three years from this fall.

But I know better.

There is still much to be moved before classes start in August, namely a television, but that's what his friends are for.

This year, marks the third year my daughter, Claire, has lived off-campus her senior year.

She'll head from one campus, to another and from one apartment to another next year when she takes courses to become a veterinary technician next year in Norfolk.

First there was Claire in college, then both at the same college, and next year both in college, but different colleges.

Last year Alek spent his freshman year hanging out with Claire and her boyfriend. That probably won't happen as much this year since Alek has his own place.

By the time Claire is going to school in Norfolk, Alek will be a junior, and will have things pretty much figured out in college.

No matter how much I think about or write about, I am still amazed at how quickly time passes.

Alek couldn't wait to start school because that's where his big sister was. Of course he quickly outgrew that feeling.

But then it was time to leave home and go to college and the juices got going again.

They are still pumping, and I'm sure living on his own has a lot to do with that.

Claire is looking forward to graduation and studying to become a veterinary technician.

As she has said, she can't wait to start studying for her career.

She might not be the only one heading to more schooling after graduating college. Alek, is talking about pursuing a master's degree.

That's a lot of schooling. More than I wanted, but then sometimes it takes a while to figure what you want to do.

I'll never know if I should have bought a community newspaper years ago or if the timing was perfect. Doesn't matter, I'm enjoying it now.

The next few years will go by quickly, but they will be filled with graduations and more college and more graduations.

It'll be fun to see how Claire and Alek continue to develop and where life will lead them.

Hopefully, they follow the path to happiness, good health and success, and for Mom and Dad's sake, not too far from the nest.