For the first time in 35 years, older Americans will receive no Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) in their Social Security checks in 2010, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates. The forecast is based on expected low inflation, in contrast to 2009 when the COLA added 5.8 percent to Social Security benefits.

Next year's zero COLA is bad news enough for many retirees living on fixed incomes during a recession. But millions of them also face much higher Medicare Part B premiums next year.

Under an obscure "hold-harmless" provision of federal law, basic Part B premiums in any year cannot rise higher than that year's COLA. So a zero COLA means that the basic premium (currently $96.40 a month) must stay the same. "The intent of the policy is to protect the amount of the Social Security payment from being reduced by an increase in premium costs," said Peter Ashkenaz, spokesman for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The hold-harmless policy gives this protection to the majority of people enrolled in Medicare Part B who also receive Social Security, Railroad Retirement or Civil Service retiree benefits.

But it does not apply to one in four (or about 11 million) beneficiaries who do not have their Part B premiums withheld from their Social Security checks, or pay a higher Part B premium based on higher income, or are newly enrolled in Part B.

For these beneficiaries, the basic Part B premium could rise to $119.99 a month in 2010, according to Congressional Budget Office projections. And if zero Social Security COLAs continue in later years, as CBO expects, it could rise to $128 by 2012. For people with incomes more than $85,000 a year who already pay higher premium surcharges between $38.50 to $211.90 a month in 2009, these amounts would be far more.

The result would be two levels of charges even for basic Part B premiums the lower amount paid by three-fourths of enrollees and the higher amount borne by the remaining fourth.

"Congress never anticipated a year when there would not be a Social Security COLA," said John Rother, AARP's director of policy. "This new situation raises issues of fairness unless Congress makes some changes before the end of the year."

The hold-harmless provision applies only to Part B premiums and not to premiums for Part D drug coverage, which are also often withheld from enrollees' Social Security checks.

"If Part D premiums rise in 2010, the result would be that beneficiaries with Medicare drug coverage will still receive less money in their Social Security checks even if their Part B premiums don't increase," Rother said.

(Information from AARP Bulletin Today, May 7, 2009, by Patricia Barry.)

I recommend this be the year that you contact your representative and express your opinion.

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