Nation needs fresh ideas

Our government is in disarray. It can't decide what's good or bad for the country. Decisions are made based on successes of the past without looking at the factors that allowed those successes. Example: Trickle Down Economics; Premise cut taxes and jobs will be created and the economy stimulated. Truth worked well for President Reagan. But these cuts have been in place for many years and the economy has tanked. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class stagnates and suffers job losses. Apparently it wasn't tax cuts that did it for President Reagan, but something else. Today, greed appears to be the driving force behind the economy and until that changes, all hope is lost.

Why do gas prices continue to rise when supply and demand dictate the opposite? Oil executives say it's complicated, well let's make it easy for them to answer. Question: Where does the money go? Break it down for us, show us the costs of production, transportation, refining and delivery and then explain why it's easy to raise prices, but hard to lower them. And a thought on Ethanol, E85 is 15 percent gasoline but it seems that when gas goes up, E85 goes up the same amount. I must have missed something in math class, or perhaps that is complicated, too.

Natural disasters appear to be occurring with greater frequency, floods in the east, fires in the south, drought in the west, etc. Two ideas that may help are: A national water pipeline to move large amounts of water from swollen rivers to areas of less rainfall. We can set up a network of large pipes and pumps from just below flood stage of major rivers and reservoirs to pump water to drier area rivers and reservoirs. This could ease flooding, drought and create jobs. For the cost of one major disaster, we could ease the severity of future disasters and secure the future of our fresh water supply, also with increased water in the Midwest, we can purify it and pump it back to the aquifer, ensuring a lasting supply of water. Billions of dollars are spent on foreign aid. FEMA needs millions to deal with our disasters. FEMA should have access to those billions so our citizens in greatest need can share in other county's windfalls.


Garden City

'Puppy mill' dogs deserve a chance

While scanning the classifieds, my attention was drawn to a "free dogs" ad, all pure breeds, the first thing that comes to mind is "puppy mill." If this is the case, I want to throw out a warning before you consider adopting a puppy mill "line worker," they have never been treated as "the family pet," most are not potty trained or socialized, they are scared of everything and everything is new to them. We have received many of these free dogs in our local pound, people think they are getting something for nothing, I assure you that is not the case. These dogs do deserve a second chance, if fact, it breaks my heart for what these dogs have gone through. I encourage you to adopt one, but you have to be a special person who has lots of patience and will do the research on how to bring these dogs back into the real world. I also encourage you to check out Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue Retirement on the Internet, read about this rescue in Nebraska whose goal is to help these poor souls, and if you are considering taking one of these free dogs maybe get some tips on how to help them through this transition. Once again, I encourage the right person to adopt one and show it that not all people have dogs out of greed, but out of love.

Adopt, don't shop ... let's all work on shutting puppy mills down. (Chances are if you buy a pet store puppy, you are supporting a puppy mill somewhere, don't be afraid to ask them where they get their dogs from, some stores do sell shelter or rescue dogs.)


Scott City