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Fire and EMS Departments

Published 5/2/2012

Area fire departments, EMS

The following is a list of emergency management, emergency medical service and fire departments in the 12-county area covered by The Garden City Telegram:

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Laurie Sisk/Telegram Paramedic Sarah Trimble, left, and EMTI Cara Richardson test a blood pressure machine inside a Finney County EMS ambulance on Friday.

Laurie Sisk/Telegram Paramedic Sarah Trimble, left, and EMTI Cara Richardson test a blood pressure machine inside a Finney County EMS ambulance on Friday.

Finney County Emergency Management

Interim Emergency Management Coordinator: Gilbert Valerio, (620) 272-3746

Personnel: 2 full time employees.

Finney County Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Service Director: Joe Hopkins, (620) 272-3822

Personnel: 18 full time, 1 director, 30 reserve squad members.

Garden City Fire Department

Fire Chief: Allen Shelton

Jurisdiction: Finney County

Number of personnel: 36 firefighters, one full-time administrative assistant and five volunteers

Address: Main station, 302 N. Ninth St.; Labrador station, 1605 E. Mary St.

Phone: Main Station, 276-1140; Labrador Station, 276-1145

Holcomb Fire Department

Volunteer Fire Chief: Bill Knight

Jurisdiction: Western half of Finney County from Sherlock Road to the county line

Number of personnel: 11

Phone: (620) 277-2250

Address: 200 N. Lynch St. in Holcomb

Hamilton County

Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department: (620) 384-7364

Syracuse Fire Chief: David Stimatze

Hamilton County Fire Chief: Ed Baker

Emergency Management Coordinator: Steve Phillips, (620) 384-4222

Gray County

Cimarron Fire Department: (620) 855-7731

Fire Chief: Jeff Monical

Emergency Management Coordinator: Rayna Maddox, (620) 855-2424

Lane County

Dighton Fire Department: (620) 397-2544

Fire Chief: Sean Gooding

Emergency Management Coordinator: Bill Taldo, (620) 397-2323.

Wichita County

Leoti Volunteer Fire Department: (620) 375-4732

Fire Chief: Charles Hughes

Emergency Management Coordinator: Sheriff Mike Wilson, (620) 375-2723

Greeley County

Tribune Fire Department: (620) 376-4881

Fire Chief: Don Henson

Emergency Management Coordinator: Jason Taylor, 376-4233

Haskell County

Sublette Fire Department, (620) 675-2223

Fire Chief: Alan Miller

Emergency Management Coordinator: Debbie Brown, (620) 675-2485.

Kearny County

Kearny County Fire Department: (620) 355-6192

Fire Chief: Ron Jones

Emergency Management Coordinator: Don Robertson, (620) 355-6211

Stanton County

Stanton County Fire Department: (620) 492-2125

Fire Chief: Bill Umberger

Emergency Management Coordinator: Von Lorenson, (620) 492-2170

Grant County

Grant County Fire Department: (620) 424-1260

Fire Chief: John Crosby

Emergency Management Coordinator: Don Button, (620) 356-4430

Scott County

Scott City Fire Department: (620) 872-2133

Fire Chief: Ken Hoover

Emergency Management Coordinator: Larry Turpin, (620) 874-4884

Stevens County

Hugoton Fire Department: (620) 544-2052

Fire Chief: Rodney Kelling

Emergency Management Coordinator: Rodney Kelling, (620) 544-2562

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