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Business Briefs

Published 1/24/2014 in Business : Business

SW Kansans take leadership posts

Several Farm Bureau members from southwest Kansas have taken state committee leadership positions recently. Here's a rundown of the new members:

Environment and Natural Resources Committee — Advises the KFB Board of Directors on issues related to the environment and natural resources. New members include Scott Gordon, Montgomery County; Stanlley Kats, Phillips County; Wayne Powell, Meade County; and Clayton Janicke, Cheyenne County.

KFB Resolutions Committee — directs study on issues important to members of county Farm Bureaus and develops tentative resolutions for consideration by voting delegates at the annual meeting. New Members include Dr. Darrell Monfort, Allen County; Greg Love, Gray County; Chris Tanner Norton County.

Women's Leadership Committee — contributes an essential perspective to the organization, broadening opportunities for women to become involved in all aspects of Farm Buerau, actively participating in the implementation of priority issues involving agriculture education, improving the quality of life in rural communities. Members elected to the committee are Debbie Kueser, Anderson County,; Susan Long, Cowely County; Marylyn Bell, Lincoln County; Sheryl Macnair, Hodgeman County; and Susan May, Decatur County. The committee is led by Marieta Hauser, Grant County, who also serves as member-at-large on the KFB Board of Directors.

Young Farmers & Ranchers State Committee — helps youths develop leadership skills and empowers them to become actively involved in agriculture advocacy, promotion and education. The group will host its Leaders Conference this weekend in Manhattan. The new members include Jarrod and Sarah Baowser, Jackson County; Caleb and Janet Phillips, Labette County; Sam and Nicole Shrack, Dickinson County; Matt and Janna Splitter, Rice County; and Jeff and Azuree Jones, Stanton County. On Dec. 4, committee members elected Katherine Franklin, Sherman County, as chair. Mark Bergkamp, Sedgwick County will serve as vice chair and Sara Rosebrook Lincoln County, will be secretary.

Voters Organized to Elect Farm Bureau Friends — a political advocacy board. Members elected to this board were Neil Coufal, Doniphan County; Kyle Rennie, Cherokee County; Jarold Hayden, Cloud County; John Kuszmaul, Kingman County; and Jarvis Garetson, Haskell County.

Girl Scouts offer Cookie Share

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland are inviting area businesses to participate in the Cooke Share program, which provides cookies to military troops and their families, Catholic Charities, Kansas Food Bank and local food pantries. Contact the Girl Scout office at 276-7061 for details. Programs are availble for every size of business. The full price of donated cookies is tax deductible.

Pishny hires new associate

Lon Pishny, owner of Pishny Financial Services, has announced the hiring of a new associate, Roger Ratliff, at his office.

While Pishny has no plans to retire, he's been seeking a person to eventually succeed him in operating the business, which just passed its 20-year milestone.

Ratliff and his wife lived here 20 years ago before moving to Smith Center, where Ratliff worked for Edward Jones. Ratliff is originally from Kensington. His wife, Lana, is originally from Plainville and works as a fourth-grade teacher at Holcomb.

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