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Business Briefs

Published 1/31/2014 in Business : Business

FSA loans for drought available

Emergency loans are available from the Farm Service Agency for farmers in Finney, Hodgemann, Lane, Ness, Pawnee and Rush counties who suffered at least a 30 percent crop or livestock loss due to drought from Nov. 15 and ongoing. Farmers in Barton, Edwards and Stafford counties may be eligible, as well, since the counties border those designated for disaster assistance,

FSA loans for physical losses are available to replace installations, equipment, livestock or buildings (including home) lost through this disaster. Loans covering prodution losses are for buying feed, seed, fertilizer, livestock or making payments on real estate and chattel debts, as well as paying essential operating and living expenses.

Emergency disaster production loss loans cover 100 percent of qualifying losses. The interest rate is 2.875 percent, but is subject to monthly change until a loan is actually approved.

To be eligible, applicants must operate a family-size farm or ranch and be unable to get credit elsewhere, and must have suffered a qualifying physical and/or production loss from the dissater of at least 30 percent.

FSA services extend beyond loans and include ongoing consultation, advice and ideas to help a farm business thrive. FSA staff can refer customers to other public and commercial financing sources that blend with FSA's farm loan programs.

Contact the FSA County office in Ness City or call (785) 798-3614 for more information.

Century Farm program offered

If your farm has more than a century of family history, you may qualify for designation as a Century Farm by the Kansas Farm Bureau.

KFB is offering the recognition to family farms begun on or before 1914. Qualifying farms receive a sign highlighting their farm's special status and recognition from KFB.

More than 2,200 family farms have qualified for the special deignation since the program recognizing the rich history of family farms began 14 years ago. The deadline to apply is May 15. Complete details are available at

Three Garden Citians pass CPA

Thirty-four candidates passed the July/August CPA examination, and 46 passed the October/November exam, the Kansas Board of Accountancy reports, and among those were three Garden City residents. Heber Garcia and Michelle Bustamante passed in July/August while Brandee LeBar passed in October/November.

Passing the national exam is the first step to becoming a certified public accountant. To actually receive the permit, an experience requirement must first be met. As of October 2013, 11,895 people have been issued CPA certificates, of which 3,895 hold active permits to practice.

For more information about the computerized examination, visit the Board of Accountancy's website at

Sunflower hires five trainees

Five operator trainees have joined Sunflower Electric Power Corp. as of Jan. 23. They are Sean Villarreal, Brent Jennings, Mario Rivas, Dustin Lampe and Kevin Twiss. They will attend Critical Information Network (CiNet) training classes, under the supervision of assigned training staff, for about 12 weeks.

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