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New audiology clinic opens in Greeley County

Published 1/24/2014 in Business : Business


Special to the Telegram

TRIBUNE — For Rachael Cavenee, the best part about being an audiologist is patient satisfaction. The 26-year-old doctor of audiology hopes to have many satisfied customers in Greeley and surrounding counties when she opens her audiology clinic in February.

"I love audiology. It's providing a means to communicate more efficiently than before. That's what patients want," she said.

Cavenee is now taking appointments at Cavenee Audiology, LLC, 107 W. Greeley Ave. The clinic will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. Cavenee may open Mondays and Fridays by appointment only, if needed.

Cavenee and her husband Seth, 29, a Tribune native, moved to Tribune in June. They have a 7-month-old daughter, Ariya.

"Seth wanted to move back to farm and therefore, I felt like a private practice was my best opportunity," she said.

Cavenee is excited to get started and thinks the business will do well in Tribune.

"A lot of people have already talked to me or contacted my in-laws about the services. A lot of people who have hearing aids will also be able to come here if repairs are needed," she said.

There are some audiologists and ear-nose-and-throat doctors in the area, but it means traveling for local folks.

"One thing I can't do is diagnose ear infections among other pathologies of the ear, but I can refer patients to a doctor or ENT for a medical diagnosis or for medication if necessary," she said.

Cavenee is originally from McPherson. She completed two years of undergraduate school at Wichita State University before transferring to the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo., to earn an undergraduate degree in audiology and speech language sciences. She then returned to Wichita State University to earn a doctorate in audiology.During grad school, Cavenee completed externships and spent her last year in school doing a complete residency at Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital in Wichita.

Cavenee became interested in audiology after changing her mind about pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

"One evening I stumbled upon audiology while researching careers. My grandpa was diagnosed with hearing loss, so it was something I could relate to," she said.

Cavenee, who will take patients of all ages, said the career is very fulfilling.

"A lot of patients don't realize they've lost so much hearing because generally the loss occurs over time. I love the expressions on patients' faces when they hear a significant other or family member more clearly. It makes me feel that I've done the right thing and succeeded at what I do," she said.

To make an appointment with Cavenee, call (620) 376-2080. Questions may be emailed to her at The office at 107 W. Greeley Ave. is in the northwest corner of the Colorado East Bank & Trust Building.

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