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Garden City native makes 40 under 40

Published 2/7/2014 in Business


When you have a passion for something and go for it, good things often happen. That has certainly been the case for Drew Rose, a 1999 graduate of Garden City High School.

Rose was selected for the 2013 40 under 40 award by Consulting-Specifying Engineer, given to industry professionals age 40 and younger who stand out in all aspects of their lives.

Candidates had to be nominated by a professional colleague or mentor, and were judged based on their commitment to excellence in their academic, professional, personal and community involvement.

Rose was nominated by his boss, Phil Voegeli, who chose him because of his daily commitment to excellence and his attention to client concerns.

In the 40 under 40 entry about Rose, it says he has become known to his colleagues as someone who isn't afraid to ask questions and thrives in an environment that promotes group discussion and client input, as well as constantly researching solutions and communicating with clients to ensure their needs are met.

Rose designs the electrical systems that make mechanical solutions work, whether it's for a geothermal heating system for a school to lighting fixtures at a museum.

"If it seems electrical and it's got wires coming out of it, I'm probably involved in it," he said.

One project that had particularly challenging considerations was a museum space. The type of artwork being displayed and the size of the space imposed stringent lighting requirements .

"They had a lot of considerations on the types of lighting we could use," Rose said. "We went with a very efficient, long-lasting LED track fixture, which will hopefully last them for years and years to come."

Rose didn't always plan to be an engineer. As a child, he recalls his dad encouraging him to become a banker. However, drafting classes in middle school changed all that. He discovered he had a knack for putting things together in a drawing.

Not only that, but he had a lot of fun playing with numbers and was an avid Sudoku fan. In high school, there were drafting classes each year, so he took every one. His passion for drafting ultimately set him on the road to architectural engineering at Kansas State University and led him to obtain his professional engineer's license in electrical.

"Getting that license was a substantial highlight," he said. "When I got that back in 2009, taking and passing that test on the first try was certainly a big plus in my book."

Being selected for 40 under 40 by his peers is also in his book as a big plus.

"40 under 40 was a big deal, and I thought that was a pretty neat award," he said. "My company, Integrated Services in Wichita, was just recently one of the top 10 finalists in best places to work in Wichita by the Wichita Journal."

Rose is also happy that he has gotten to put his expertise to work with several Garden City Clients, including GMCN Architects/Planners, Bruce Glass — The Architect, Architecture Plus and USD 457.

"Being involved with clients and projects in the part of the world where I grew up is kind of a big deal to me," he said. "It's getting back to the community that raised me."

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