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Farming publication beefs up its coverage

Published 12/28/2013 in Business : Business


Special to The Telegram

Nearly a year after launching a limited quarterly publication covering the agricultural industry for those who work within it, The Hutchinson News and longtime agriculture reporter Amy Bickel are expanding the effort.

The new Kansas Agland was distributed last week to 26,000 farm and ranch producers living and working in the central and western two-thirds of the state and to agricultural-related businesses and suppliers in the region. The expanded Agland publication is being published by The News, as well as The Hays Daily News, Salina Journal and The Garden City Telegram.

"We've wanted to expand the Agland coverage area since it started," said Mary Rintoul, managing editor at The Hutchinson News. "Amy Bickel is the top ag writer in Kansas and she'll be a great editor for the publication."

Coverage, previously provided primarily by Bickel, will now also include work from staff at three other Harris Enterprises newspapers — Salina, Garden City and Hays.

"We know that farmers are vital part of the nation's future, and we want to get you the latest information from across the state and world so you can do your jobs," Bickel said. "Our new, expanded Kansas Agland publication also provides a larger target audience for agribusiness advertisers who want to reach that market."

This quarter's publication includes current information on the soaring cattle markets due to the low supplies, as well as the increase in cattle thefts across the state because of the higher prices.

Salina Journal reporter Tim Unruh also wrote about the impact of the federal government's new Country of Origin Labeling rules, about a Solomon-area farmer who is experimenting with double crops, and about the proposed aqueduct from the Missouri River to southwest Kansas.

Producers — or anyone interested in connecting to rural life — can still visit the website, a product of The News since March 2009, for current information about Kansas agriculture and news from around the nation, Bickel said. The site includes up-to-date market information, news, weather and blogs by fellow Kansas farmers and ranchers.

At present, Kansas Agland is mailed to producers quarterly. The next issue will be published in March.

"When we launched, as well as our quarterly Agland publication, our goal was that it would become a reliable source of information for Kansas farmers and producers," Bickel said. "It's exciting to know we are now providing that information to farmers in other areas of Kansas."

To stay informed about Kansas agriculture and rural life, subscribe to our free quarterly Kansas Agland publication by calling Christy Kohler at (800) 827-6363, extension 347, or email her at

To advertise in Central Kansas, call Dave Gilchrist, (620) 694-5700, extension 200; in Southwest Kansas, Robin Phelan, (620) 275-8500, extension 225; and in the Northwest, Mary Karst, (785) 628-1081, extension 118.

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