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Business Briefs

Published 9/29/2012 in Business

FSA announces drought help

Adrian J. Polansky, state executive director of USDA's Farm Service Agency in Kansas, has announced that drought assistance is available for livestock producers affected by drought in all Kansas counties except Republic.

Eligibility to request to implement ECP is based on the County Committee providing evidence that the county is designated as level D3, Drought Extreme, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, or providing evidence of a 40 percent or greater loss of normal precipitation for the four most recent months.

Producers may request assistance in approved counties by filing an application for cost-share assistance under the Emergency Conservation Program from Oct. 15 through Nov. 15 at their local Farm Service Agency. ECP is being implemented to assist in providing access to water because of extended period of severe drought. The damage must be of such magnitude that it would be too costly for the producer to rehabilitate without Federal assistance.

Participants can receive cost-share assistance of up to 75 percent of the cost for temporary measures and 50 percent of the cost for permanent measures for approved emergency conservation practices. Practices approved are EC6, Drought Measures and EC7, Hauling Water for Livestock.

ECP has been approved for implementation by the national office without an ECP fund allocation. Therefore, FSA will be accepting applications for which funds are not currently available. ECP funding is limited and should funds become available, the national office will give priority to permanent measures.

For more information, contact the FSA office at your local USDA Service Center. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Pishny attends conference

Lon E. Pishny, CFP of Pishny Financial Services, L.C. in Garden City, recently attended the Multi Financial Securities Corp. national educational conference in Denver. This special event is designed for intensive skill building of financial services professionals from throughout the U.S.

"Opportunities like this are extremely valuable," said Pishny. "We receive training on emerging investment and insurance products, and we also get an opportunity to acclimate ourselves with advanced technology and developing trends. The conference sessions are focused on helping us deliver more value to our clients."

Pishny has served as a financial counselor for individuals and businesses for more than 33 years. He has been a registered representative with Multi Financial for nearly 19 years.

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