Six effective as state's AG

If you believe it is important for government to work effectively and

efficiently, vote for Steve Six. In just three years, Attorney General

Six has recovered more than $30 million for Kansas consumers, which is

more than was recovered in the previous 13 years combined. He has also

gone after waste and fraud in Medicaid recovering more than $46 million.

This is more than twice what was recovered in all the previous years

combined. At the same time, he has reduced the office general fund

budget almost in half, from $5.20 million in 2008 to $2.68 million in

2010. In addition to increasing efficiency in his own office, he has

worked to clear the KBI's DNA backlog so that criminal cases can be

solved more quickly.

Everyone says that we deserve a government that operates more

effectively and efficiently. Steve Six has shown us that he knows how to

honor that expectation. Give him your vote and show that you are paying

attention when government is working well for Kansas.


Garden City