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Printed Display ads and Classified ads continue to be very effective ways to reach your customers. Whether you are promoting your business, looking for qualified employees or just want to clear out your garage, newspaper advertising is inexpensive and targets a large group of people.

Information about Display and Classified ad sizes, costs, submission deadlines, and inserts can be found in our Media Kit. View or download the Current Media Kit PDFRequires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Special Sections Schedule
The Garden City Telegram publishes a variety of Special Sections during the year. Targeted advertising opportunities allow you to reach your customers with effective marketing campaigns. Talk to your Ad Sales Rep about advertising in these Special Sections.

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Web Ads and Mobile text ads
Would you like to get your company name in front of 90,000 eyeballs every month? We average over 45,000 unique visits and more than 500,000 page views each month to For a low monthly fee those visitors could be viewing your ad.

Our web ads vary from square tiles to large leaderboard ads on top of the page. We have a number of exclusive ad positions available, along with many rotating ad spots. There is plenty of ad inventory to accommodate all our advertisers. We also have ad spots and sponsorships available on our mobile site.

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Exclusive Page Peel ad
Capture the attention of every Home page visitor with our Exclusive Page Peel ad. The Page Peel is an effective and enticing ad space for short run promotions. See a sample and then call to reserve this spot for your next special event or promotion.

Web Ads Info
Further information about our web ad sizes and positions are available as downloadable PDF files. If you are creating your own web ads, please grab the Effective Web-vertising Guide and the Guide to Creating Web Ads. One explains the differences between Print and Web advertising and the other gives specific info about creating web ad images. Click the links below to view these files (right click and 'Save As' to download).

Contact our Advertising Sales staff if you have any questions or are ready to order your print or web ads.

Advertiser Online Services
Login to our secure account management website to: check your statement, pay your bill, and edit your contact information.

Advertisers for The Garden City Telegram have a convenient and secure way of managing their accounts online. Registration is free and there are no additional fees for making payments online.

First time users can create a login using information from your statement.

If you'd like assistance, please call The Telegram business office at (620) 275-8500.