Kansas is one of the best states for business, according to rankings released in the past week by CNBC and Pollina Corporate Real Estate. In their annual rankings, both CNBC and Pollina Corporate improved the state's 2013 scores from the previous year, ranking Kansas 14th and six, respectively.

"It is good to see Kansas being recognized as a leader in creating a business-friendly environment," Gov. Sam Brownback said. "We are striving to ensure that Kansas continues to be a leader in providing businesses with the resources and pro-growth policies that encourage job creation and investment."

Kansas ranked sixth in the country in Pollina Corporate's 2013 "Top 10 Pro-Business States" rankings, an annual study that examines 32 factors controlled by state governments to identify the states most effective at creating strong business environments. Pollina has ranked Kansas in the top 10 for six consecutive years. The 2013 sixth place is tied with 2011 for the state's best finish, and an improvement from a 2012 eighth place ranking.

"While remaining dedicated to its agricultural heritage, Kansas has proven that it has what it takes to be a well-rounded pro-business state," said Brent Pollina, vice president of Pollina Corporate. "Its consistent approach to creating a pro-business environment has paid off because the state has continuously adapted and changed to fit the needs of business, refusing to sit back and rely on past success. Gov. Sam Brownback, with the support of the state legislature and the Kansas Department of Commerce, has created a core team to get the job done."

CNBC also lauded Kansas as one of the premier places to do business, ranking the state 14th last week in its annual "Top States for Business" rankings. CNBC based its rankings on states' performances in 10 categories. From 2012 to 2013, Kansas improved its rankings in seven categories, and received high scores for infrastructure and transportation, cost of living, business friendliness and education. Kansas' most significant improvements came in the cost of doing business category and the education category.

"Kansas has a terrific business environment that encourages economic growth," Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. "We're going to continue to work to make our state an even better place to operate and grow a business and create good jobs."

"The changes we are making in Kansas, such as eliminating taxes on non-wage business income for small businesses, are starting to catch people's attention," said Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan. "Not only have we moved up in the overall rankings, but in key categories such as cost of living, business friendliness and cost of doing business we rank higher than some of the fastest growing states."