I am rooting for Andre Johnson and hopes he tweaks a hamstring.

That is the life of a multi-league fantasy football player.

Anyone who plays fantasy football in more than one league understands what I am going through.

I find myself in three leagues, which on most Sundays, is two more than I need and sometimes, when nothing is going right, three more than I should be in.

As I sit in my living room Sunday watching football, I am hoping the Houston Texan wide receiver scores more touchdowns while pulling a groin.

I remember the good, old days when I watched games just because I liked watching football.

I no longer watch games just for the enjoyment. I now have to look at matchups and injury reports and bye weeks.

I feel like an advanced scout.

Sundays are a roller coaster, scouring NFL results, checking how my teams are doing, looking to see how many players my opponent still has in play, then I times that by three.

That's a lot of work just for a fantasy, but this is the norm for me now.

I have been playing for more than a decade and came late to the world of fantasy sports. Others have been on the bandwagon since its inception.

These are the people who realized how much fun it can be to integrate yourself into the game.

My motivation is far less thought out. I just like competing with friends and maybe earning a little cash and most importantly bragging rights.

Nothing like telling your friends how bad "your" team is going to whip them and then doing it.

Of course, it does create some odd rooting sections in my mind.

Being a Steelers fan, I root for them to win even if it means all three of my fantasy teams fall, but I have heard of guys who root more for their fantasy teams than the real ones they follow. Of course, one of these guys is a Chiefs and Royals fan. His fantasy teams probably could beat them.

But if politics makes for some strange bed fellows, then fantasy sports makes for some unholy allegiances.

I do not like the Cowboys, but Tony Romo better lead the league in touchdown passes, or at least tie with Peyton Manning.

I root for the Bengals to lose every game, but Chad Ochocinco had better have a great year.

I think Kellen Winslow is another pompous athlete, but have a great year, Kellen.

Terrell Owens? Please go away all the way to the end zone.

Rod Bironas, thanks for the bad kicks against the Steelers, but don't let it happen again unless you play Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

Although I have a soft spot for the Chiefs, that touchdown Darren McFadden scored late in the game Sunday to beat Kansas City was sweet.

The only thing I find somewhat real about fantasy sports is my involvement.

Steelers games are much more important, but I have had some fantasy wins that were pretty great, and some losses that hit pretty hard.

Don't these players know they are on "my" team, and I expect them to come to play even if it is a just a fantasy?

Patrick Murphy, of Columbus, Neb., is the former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.