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Segovia new A.D.

Published 2/2/2010

By Jason Elmquist

The Garden City school board approved the transfer of Martin Segovia on Monday night as the new Garden City High School associate principal and activities and athletics director effective at the start of the 2010-2011 school year.

He was to be introduced at a press conference earlier this afternoon at Garden City High School.

"Martin brings a lot of stuff with him," GCHS principal James Mireles said this morning. "He was a coach in our district for many years. He's coached football, track and wrestling — I know of those. He was also a teacher here at the high school, so he knows how things are run here. He has a lot of energy and has some administrative experience."

Segovia is a Garden City alum and has been working as an associate principal at Alta Brown Elementary School and the dual language coordinator at Buffalo Jones Elementary the last few years. Segovia, who was an assistant coach for the wrestling program from 1996 to 1999, took over the coaching position when legendary head coach Rocky Welton stepped down after leading the Buffaloes to a sixth state wrestling title in 1999 and spent seven years as the GCHS wrestling coach from 2000 to 2007.

"I think the coaching experience will help him quite a bit," Mireles said. "Any time you run a major sport in a large school like ours, there's a lot of issues that go with those sports — dealing with the press, dealing with the public, dealing with parents and athletes. And there's just a lot of issues that can come up with athletes while they are in season and just knowing how to handle those situations. I'd be very afraid if we put a person into the athletics director position that had not coached very much and not faced those issues already."

The wrestling team had a rough season in Segovia's final year as the head coach. Segovia had one wrestler arrested prior to the season on burglary allegations and another wrestler arrested a week before the season started on allegations of possession of marijuana. There was also an assistant coach that was arrested on allegations of fondling a 14-year-old girl.

Through all the negative in his final year, the team still came together at the Class 6A state tournament in Wichita to take the third-place team medal in Segovia's last tournament as the head coach.

As senior for GCHS in 1990, Segovia was part of a Buffaloes' state championship team and won an individual state title of his own. He then went on to wrestle competitively at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Education in social studies and physical education. Last fall he was inducted into the UNK Hall of Fame.

Segovia received his masters in Educational Administration and Leadership through New Mexico State University in 2004.

"It was more of a family decision — I talked with my wife and my daughter about taking the position," Segovia said this morning. "It is a huge commitment that takes up a lot of time, energy and focus. It was mainly a family decision and something I was interested in. I have a lot of experience in athletics and I just wanted to get back into that arena."

With the retirement of current GCHS athletics director Bill Weatherly, the school district used the opportunity to reduce its administrative staff amid the budget crunches. The district took only in-house candidates to help with the school district's current budget difficulties.

"My main focus is going to continue what coach Weatherly has begun and he has maintained at high level expectations and hopefully keep those things in place," Segovia said. "There is a huge issue facing everybody with budget cuts and Bill had a great knack for that. So I'm going to do the best to maintain what he has done and improve upon it."

Mireles said Segovia ended up being the lone qualifying candidate to apply from within the district.

"He would have been a top candidate even if they would have opened it to the outside," Mireles said. "That's just the way it happened, but he still would have been a top candidate for the position. ... There were probably some other people in our administrative pool that we had to select from, but they were probably happy with the positions that they are already doing. Probably the hardest part of the job, and Bill Weatherly has done a great job for this school for many years, is the travel. Our expectations of an activities director plus an associate principal are great in that we want representation at most activities — especially the ones that have large crowds and that issues could come up."


1990-1995 University of Nebraska-Kearney - B.A.E Social Studies/Physical Education 2002-2004 New Mexico State University - MA in Educational Administration and Leadership


1996-2000 Social Studies/Physical Education Teacher GCHS 2000-2005 Garden City Public Schools Homeless Liaison 2005-2007 Associate Principal Buffalo Jones Elementary 2007-Present Dual Language Coordinator Buffalo Jones Elementary 2008-Present Associate Principal Alta Brown Elementary


1996-2000 GCHS Assistant Track Coach 1996-2005 GCHS Assistant Football Coach 1996-1999 GCHS Assistant Wrestling Coach 2000-2007 GCHS Head Wrestling Coach 2007-Present Head Coach Greater Gold Youth Wrestling Club

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