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Accessing the E-Edition

The Garden City Telegram is happy to provide its customers with our E-Edition. The E-Edition is a PDF version of the printed paper, but does not include the Bargains Plus shopper, LaSemana or preprint inserts.

You will find all the pages from the A, B, C and D sections for the last 14 days.

Reading the E-Edition requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your system. Most people already have this application installed, as PDF is a very popular format for web files. If needed, you can download and install the Acrobat Reader here.

Print subscribers to The Garden City Telegram can access the E-Edition free of charge. Online access is included as part of their subscription. An Online Account is necessary for access and Subscribers can create their online account here:


Note for Print Subscribers: An Online Account is linked to your Subscription account. You will need your Subscriber account number in order to setup an Online Account. Your statement or reminder notice will have your Subscriber Account number printed on it.


Not a print subscriber? You can sign up for the E-Edition and receive 24/7 access for only $7.95 a month.

As with the print product, we welcome readers’ suggestions for how to improve The Telegram E-Edition. Please let us know what you think. Call us at 620-275-8500 with any suggestions.

Having problems accessing the E-edition?

If you experience problems accessing the digital edition please use the checklist below as a guideline to troubleshoot your problem.

1. Has your subscription expired? If you are unsure if your subscription has expired use the online customer service center to check.


2. Do you have cookies turned on in your Web browser? Cookies are required in order to access the digital edition. See the information below for more details on cookies.

3. Check to make sure you are correctly entering in your username and password. Passwords are case sensitive so if you signed up using capital letters in your password, it is CRITICAL that you type it exactly how you did when you signed up.

4. If you forgot your password use the online customer service center to have a hint emailed to you.

5. If you continue to have difficulties accessing the E-edition please E-Mail our circulation department or call 620-275-8500 and ask for someone in the Circulation department.

To read articles in the E-edition, you MUST have cookies turned on.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer. A cookie allows The Garden City Telegram to track whether you are logged in as a guest or a subscriber. The cookies on GCTelegram.com do not store any personal information.

Turning Cookies On

Below are some suggestions for how to turn cookies on in your Web browser. This will vary across different versions of browsers.

If you have Internet Explorer try the Tools menu, then Internet Options and Internet Security. Click on the button Custom Level, in this make sure the button for cookie enable is checked.

If you have Mozilla go to Preferences, click Privacy & Security and select cookies. Make sure Allow all cookies and Accept cookies normally are selected.

Or check the help files in your browser for additional information.