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Braziles share spotlight on rodeo tour

Published 6/7/2012 in Beef Empire Days-Sports


Between designing a clothing line, two children and a husband who is one of the world's best rodeo cowboys, Shada Brazile has plenty to keep her busy.

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Shada Brazile, Decatur, Texas, turns her horse around a barrel Wednesday at the Finney County Fairgrounds arena during the barrel racing event of the Beef Empire Days PRCA Rodeo slack.

Shada Brazile, Decatur, Texas, turns her horse around a barrel Wednesday at the Finney County Fairgrounds arena during the barrel racing event of the Beef Empire Days PRCA Rodeo slack.

Brazile, 33, of Decatur, Texas, is the designer of the Wrangler Western-themed infant "All-American Baby" line, a role she pursued after working as a Wrangler trend forecaster for eight years. She is a mother of two young children and the wife of Trevor Brazile, a 16-time world champion in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Not one to let her husband have all the spotlight, Brazile is a barrel racer herself in the Women's Professional Rodeo Association. Barrel racing is a competitive event in which a horse and rider have to quickly navigate a set of barrels in a path that involves multiple turns. The event is designed to test the speed and agility of the horse, as well as the skill of the rider.

According to the WPRA, Brazile currently is ranked 78th in the 2012 Pro Tour standings and she also recently took second place in barrel racing at the Jacksonville Tops in Texas rodeo.

"We're blessed to do what we love and make a living at it," Brazile said Wednesday.

Currently leading in barrel racing at the Beef Empire Days PRCA rodeo, Brazile has competed before in Garden City. She said the last time she entered the barrel racing contest locally was in 2006, before the birth of her 4-year-old son, Treston, and 2-year-old daughter, Style. Previously riding some of her husband's third-string horses, on Wednesday Brazile rode a 6-year-old horse named "Dial It Fast" that she bought for the event and that previously was trained by leading rodeo horse trainer Latricia Duke. She said he has not been heavily seasoned at rodeo shows yet, but that didn't stop his performance Wednesday.

"Today he felt great," Brazile said, with a standing time of 17.27 seconds. "I just had to hang on."

Though Brazile and her husband are both competitive, she said they work together to improve each other's abilities. She said that Trevor has a keen ability to spot nuances that can be improved upon, eventually leading to significant advances in performance. She added they also have light-hearted arguments about who has the prettiest horse on their 100-acre property in Decatur.

The life of a rodeo family means Brazile often is on the road. She said they planned to leave Garden City Wednesday afternoon to travel to a rodeo in Clovis, N.M., and then a final rodeo in Mesquite, Texas, before being able to head home. The stay will be short, however, as the family then will leave midweek to travel the Summer Rodeo Trail that will take them from Reno, Nev., all the way to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Despite being on the road, Brazile said she has made many friends that have made their travels easier. She especially enjoys Garden City because she said she has a best friend here that she gets a chance to visit.

"We never feel away from home," Brazile said.

In addition to her other work, Brazile said, she enjoys activities with her children. She said they enjoy swimming and seeing animals, and have a trip planned to Lee Richardson Zoo before the family continues on the road.

When asked what she hopes to achieve by competing in barrel racing, Brazile said she is happy to simply be around so many amazing riders and horses. Though she likes to compete, she takes everything one day at a time and enjoys any success that comes.

"I'm just taking it one rodeo at a time," Brazile said. "That's my lifestyle. If I win, that's just icing on the cake."

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