My name is Lance Pennington and I am writing about my pastor in regards to Pastor Appreciation Month.

I attend Word of Life Church, the head pastor is Marty Younger. Our

pastor is just not some fluff-and-stuff pastor that preaches the Word

of God with no feeling. He and his wife have lived life fully and have

experienced good and bad times, including the loss of a couple of

children. Because of this, he has a compassionate heart toward other

people and their problems. Did I forget to mention he preaches

exceptionally excellent sermons? He is a joyful man to be around, with

always a smile on his face, someone you can joke with and he will laugh

with you. That same joy is seen in the members of his church. I guess I

am a little prejudiced, but Garden City is better off that this man

moved here from Florida. I also have the privilege of working at the

church on a part-time basis, which allows me to have more contact with

Pastor Marty. I could go on and on about the many attributes about

Pastor Marty, but I will close with this thought.

You need to come and listen to him, and get to know him to appreciate this is what all ministers should be about.



Garden City