I would like the community to know that the Area Mental Health facility here in Garden City does not support our nation's combat veterans. Sounds harsh but it is true. They have told me repeatedly they will not accept my hard-earned health care insurance "Tricare." The government's Tricare Insurance provider is awarded to service members that retire honorably. I earned this benefit by giving 23 years of my life in service of our nation. I am a retired Army First Sergeant that served two combat tours in Iraq and numerous other tour of duties. Most civilians cannot fathom the horrors we in the military have endured and continue to endure. Mental health services are vital to obtaining basic prescriptions that allow a vet to sleep at night or just to function in a normal manner. VA facilities are not close by and that is why we have insurance to pick up the slack. I would hope that members of this community would lobby this facility to change its policy and start supporting our vets, after all I supported them for 23 years.


Garden City