No need for entrapment

On Feb. 7, the Garden City Police Department conducted a grandiose seat belt and child safety restraint check near the Kansas and Third Street area of Garden City. This is a very busy intersection normally any time of the day or night. With the check being done at night, there could have easily been the potential of creating an accident. My question is, why couldn't a daytime check for seat belts and child seat safety have been done just as effectively by officers who are patrolling our streets daily?

This check was used to fulfill the purposes of other moving violations besides seat belt and child seat safety. This is as it should be any time one makes a stop of a vehicle. This check was done under the ruse of an officer dressed not as an officer of the law, but as a utility worker in the back of a utility truck staring down into vehicles as they passed, which drew unwarranted attention of drivers from the task of driving attentively. Later on down the street, they found themselves being pulled over. I have a word for this entrapment. I find it disturbing and unsettling the way it was conducted. In the future when traffic lane checks are conducted, I hope our GCPD doesn't feel the need to turn it into a sideshow.


Garden City

A question of prejudice

In Tuesday's paper, I read the criticism made by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor noting "a deep and sorry vein of racial prejudice ..." I also read in the same paper the account of the suspected suicide of a Garden City man while at the same time being well aware that not every suspected suicide in our area finds coverage in The Telegram. I question: is this reporting also an example of "a deep and sorry vein of racial (or ethnic/cultural) prejudice?"


Garden City