The play that may well go down as the strangest in the 75-year history of the Hatchet Game between Garden City and Dodge City High Schools has gone viral on the Internet.

Also, it has made its way to the television screen on ESPN, where the unlikely fumble recovery by Immanuel Galloway of Dodge City made the No. 5 play on ESPN's Top 10 plays of the week.

Mitch Moore's snap to center hit his rear end and skyrocketed off to the right where Galloway grabbed it in mid-air, stepped out of a shoestring tackle by Garden City quarterback Greyson Tempel, and raced 78 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter that would prove to be the deciding points in the Red Demons' 24-20 victory a week ago.

"It just hit him dead in stride and I've never seen anything like it in my whole coaching, playing career," Hill said earlier this week. "Mitch said he kind of lost track of being in the shotgun formation. It's something he nor I can explain. Nobody has done more for our program than Mitch, nobody feels any worse about it than Mitch. But I will say one thing, we don't have the kind of seasons we've had the last couple of years without Mitch Moore and his leadership."

About the only thing the video folks did get right was the fact that it was Dodge City's Galloway who plucked the ball out of the air.

They called Greyson Tempel, Mason Tempel, and they called Moore, Morris.

Unfortunately, it's the kind of publicity that the Buffs would rather not see. It was a painful end to the 2012 season, and to see it on the Internet only keeps the agony around.

No doubt, it likely was Dodge City that sent the play in. It was certainly a strange one, no doubt. And you can bet when the teams return to Dodge City for the 2014 game, it will make its way onto the video jumbotron.